The place and form of fey in Theban Tribunal

Hi guys, I am considering running a saga in the Theban tribunal and I am looking for inspiration about the fey.

What form could they take here? How present are they? What local legend could do an intersting equivalent to fairie court (seelie/unseelie)?
Could you find classic fey from western Europe because of crusaders?

Get a look at The Sundered Eagle (The Theban Tribunal) p.124ff The Faerie Landscape.

The ancient Greek gods were faeries, ancient heroes might have 'become' faeries, and there are lots of classical monsters (lamiae, centaurs, fauns, satyrs, nymphs, tritons, huge serpents etc.) which 'became' the same.
On top of that, many Theban covenants have entered pacts with faerie beings owning/protecting/taking care of their site.

A faerie from the British isles trying to sneak in with a crusader would find a lot of indigenous competition for sure.

That would be quite surprising. But with the French/Flemish taking the high seat at the table, I would think it appropriate for them to have brought some ideas with them. The "croque mitaine" (some kind of ogre like boogey man who will eat the kids hands) would make sense.

Thank you! I'll definitely buy Sundered Eagle if I play there, but I am still hesitating bewteen this and the Stonehenge Tribunal, so I ask for more information.

Here's the description from Atlas Games, and here is the summary from Project Redcap.

I am preparing a Theban tribunal saga at the moment and I am seeing two types of Faerie

  1. The faeries of Classical greek myth and legend, Gods, Heroes and monster as well as nymphs , satyrs and Centaurs living in the wilds , These tell the stories of the classical age and encourage players to tell the same stories. As I am including a rise of the Titans theme these will end up being very important to the game and Faerie gods may well play a role.

  2. Folk Fey, With some crossover with the above these are the lesser fey who have grown to fill in the niches created by the every day life of the people of the area since the heroic age. Brownies, child stealing Fey , all the kind of fey you find everywhere with a local theme

So for me there is no Seelie/Unseelie court (then again I hate that meme and would probably only use it in Ireland) the equivlant of faerie courts are Regio's centered on one or more Gods/heroes and the nature of the regio is set by the stories being told there about that God/Hero. I also consider that certainly the Gods have multiple aspects that may or may not be part of the same being found in different places linked to different stories about that god/hero

So the faerie is my way of using Homeric stories and ideas in my campaign. I may add some stories about fey arriving with the Crusaders as that may be interesting

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