The Promise of Spring (OOC)

There will be no adventure this Spring, you all will be spending time in your labs no doubt. You'll get exposure XP (2) in Magic Theory for it, and after that your lab will have full use of it. If you're doing anything else, let me know, there is a certain amount of time you can use outside of working in your lab.

Some things that need to be discussed:

A name for the Covenant, I suggested Celebritas Occultes (Secret Celebration), but there was not much else discussed, so if you have an idea for a name we can add it here or the Charter topic.

A Regent has yet to be elected. I figured we'd have the first Spring Council meeting in the Labour of Love and Magic thread, and elect a Regent at that time. We'd also run the official Council meeting for business there.

Service to the Covenant for Agitatus. My suggestion, with his skills he could be a great asset as either a teacher or writer. Putting his seasons of service towards that could be a great way to use him. Assuming he's willing...

Summer will start soon, does anyone wish to run an adventure in Summer? I'm not demanding it or anything, but if someone does have a story in mind that's fine, and it doesn't have to be for Rhodri. I tend to make adventures tailored around a magi. At this point my next adventure will most likely involve Bjorn, since Acacius and Siobhan have had a lot of attention.

So let me know. Also anything else that needs to be discussed for Spring should be brought up here. Once we have a name and such I'll update the Charter fully.

I could run a story but I have no ideas that sound like fun… I checked the dangling plot thread as well. If I where to invent a story are there any parameters that I should take into account such as don’t let Gods angles smite the covenant and what sort of stories do you like.

I would like that we had a few season to start up our careers as magi before we start yet another story.

My companion will like show up mid spring.

Siobhan getting her lab ready is good idea but also her 10 days out of lab without effect on season, trying to figure out things for a mage fair.

I have no clue what to name the covenant. Would we want something relating to the fair, or just something to describe the setting where we live?

As for Bjorn's free days, he will wander about the nearby wooded areas to see what kind of local wood stocks he has to work with. While he is going, he'll periodically cast his vis detection spell, especially if he finds an area that looks promising to keep on the lookout for possible vis sources. He'll also have his new item with him, for possible collection purposes.

OK sounds good on the intentions for what you want to do in the Spring. There's nothing particularly challenging in your vis sources, a good portion is from the Special Purpose virtue, an allowance in vis and silver. Spending some days searching with a few grogs would gather what vis there is to be had in Spring.

OK, along with the adventure there's also the Hidden Resources virtue you that you can develop in an adventure. So if you have any desire to do so let me know, we can PM a bit so that you have the parameters.

As for the name I'm leaving it open again, if there any names you want here's your chance, otherwise we'll probably go with the one I suggested mainly because we haven't had any others to choose from.

I'll start the next post soon which will be the Spring Council meeting.

During the spring Acacius will:

• Get accoustumed to his lab
• Start a herb garden with the aid of the clan
• Take walks into the country side to find interesting herbs for the herb garden.
• Attend church if there is one

Cough, cough taptaptap, this thing on?

Sorry for the delay, my PC is down (I'm posting from work, which i'm not supposed to do).

I should be back on tonight, please continue to post IC on the latest thread. We do have a few things to take care of according to the Charter.

MY pc time is limited, but it basically wouldn't be fair for Rhodri or Aggie to be Seneschal.

OK I should be able to post again regularly, my PC is back to semi-normal.

REgent has to be mage (all mundane servants answer to regent) but all other positions (seneshal, steward, librarian, turb captain) can be mundanes that answer to the regent.

I can't quite envision what you see, but here is how I would do it:

Hang a rope (or something else long) from the top floor all the way down to the water at the bottom. Enchant the rope to move water up along the rope from bottom end to top end. At the top, create a basin or fountain for the run off water to drop into. This can be duplicated for every level so every floor has fresh water, or the run off from the top basin (since the water will be constantly flowing into it) can be directed down a floor, and that run off can go down a floor and so on.

Rope of Rising Water, ReAq 12
ReAq 1 Control a liquid in an extremely gentle way (As long as this is strong enough to lift the water up a couple floors)
+1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +5 Item maintains concentration, +1 for 2 uses, +3 Environmental Trigger (sunrise/sunset)

Bjorn can enchant it in one season, if that is what we decide to do.

I am not sure about that, I think truly constant effect, you need sun duration and +1 for 2/day and +3 environmental trigger

This makes it base 1 + 1 touch + 2 sun = 4 + 1 (2/day) and +3 (envir trigger) = level 8.
Level 9 if we want more forceful flow. Siobhan has a 24 (+lab general quality) for 26.

To detect vis, maybe I make a spell to see it. I can easily get a 30 lab total: base 1, +4 sight, +2 sun = 15.

What I had in mind was a spigot like a tap, you'd basically insert it into a hole in the shaft of the well. Activate it, and it draws the water it's touching down at the bottom of the well, draws it up to pour out the tap. We'd need one for the different levels.

The rope method works well too, keeping a full basin instead of basically pumping it might be a better and more economical method. Using that, Rhodri could easily enchant it. I had this strange and arcane idea for this thing called Plumbing though...

Ladyphoenix (and I mean this in a good way) you have this infuriating way of showing me up on the rules that no one else I know does! I thought for sure that labs with a higher Quality than 0 meant extra time to adjust, not Refinement.

This affects my timetable slightly, but is no big deal. So, start thinking of what you want to do in your labs or think of assignments to take care of. When the council meeting is finished those will start, and we're still likely to do the adventure in Summer anyway.

We need to do a lot of work for prep of first fair so having labs for a season actually is good.

As for showing you up on the labs usage, I had to look it up for another game with another spring covenant where my pc is only mage of 8 that has lab equipment so far (she was durenmar trained so she came with lab equipment and craft gear as gift from Paren) so she might be sharing her lab once set up until covenant finds source for lab equipment and gets it shipped to them.

Well...OK then...(sniff!) :wink:

I'm used to being the encyclopedia on rules an' stuff.

You could put in an overflow hole that leads back down into the well shaft. Kinda like the overflow holes on bathroom sinks.

That'd be the easiest way, but I was also thinking of a spellwith Ring/Circle at the rim of the basin, and basically have any water that touched it transport back to the well. But we'll keep it simple.

Rhodri can likely use Spontaneous magic to make the basin from rock or marble, as that is his specialty. Or we can simply use barrels for now, and keep a mop handy.

Okay, I am totally confused in certain ways.

  1. by the charter, every member must give two seasons every 2 years (normally one a year), But council can vote for the third season in a two year period if necessary. Siobhan just invoked that clause to have the council vote in the extra season since we will need it for getting set up and hosting a fair in two seasons.

  2. What do you want Siobhan to be working on. She was going to invent spell ot look for vis since she doesn't have one and sponting one can be dangerous but someone else said they had one already so perhaps they should find the vis sources. She does have an intellego lab total of 22+form+1(if inventing spell) and same for Rego. (Aq would 24 for items, 25 for inventing spell.) if we can decide on the method for the water.

  3. I can't figure who is doing what otherwise.

Acacius will fix the light for the covenant, Bjorn will fix the heat and Rhordri will fix the water system. Siobhan will fix the vis dectection. If you wish to switch tasks between magi that are fine with Acacius he just likes the tasks to be done for the common good.