The Raiment of Professor Yaffle

The saga that I co-run is set in the University of Cambridge. We have recently managed to get the Nightingale of Justinian to join us, and the bird wishes to lecture at the university.

This is fine, but it is a bird!!

I need to design a device that can make it look like a human scholar. This is what I have come up with, based on The Phantasm of the Human form

The Raiment of Professor Yaffle.

This mask of Electrum chased with cinnamon is small enough to fit over the face of a small bird. It allows the possessro to appear and sound like a human scholar (robes make niose when they move) but does not permit speech.

Base 2, +1 touch, +2 Sun, +2 move at your command, +1 intricacy,+1 level (2 uses per day), +3 levels (environmental trigger)

my problem is the "move at your command" part. I get it for a spell, as there is a controlling mind (that oif the caster) but can this be done in a device without making it an invested device with a read-mind linked trigger effect? I suspect not, and this has suddenly become more of a faff than I hoped, but I thought I would seek the wisdom of the forum.


Justinian's Nightingale (AM p.84 box) is awakened and intelligent, has a mind and a lot to tell.

CrIm Phantasm of Human Form creates a human form anew, with the nightingale sitting besides it. Is this intended?

I would recommend to combine CrIm 20 R: Touch Phantasm of Human Form (ArM5 p.144) and MuIm 20 Image Phantom (ArM5 p.146) to turn the nightingale's image into that of a scholar - creating anew what cannot be transformed. It is a troupe decision to make this effect by ArM5 p.114f a Cr(Mu)Im 20 or 25 in the end.

The mask changes the face and voice of the nightingale to a human face and voice, and adapts some facial expressions.

You would wish to have the nightingale's mind as the controlling one. That should not be difficult for the Muto part of the effect, like for the face. It should also be simple to convey by Muto magic the bird feets' movements to the scholar's feet - and have the hands flutter about like those of ZaSu PItts:

Thank you. Clear and helpful as always.