The Return of Our Online Ars Magica Convention

Good Evening

Just CJ reminding you that we have another online Ars Magica event next weekend, Image from the Wizard Torn 3. It is as always totally free though we encourage you to come to our physical convention in Cheltenham in August, travel restrictions allowing. You can buy tickets for that at

Image next weekend costs nothing and it is always a pleasure to have so many of you turn up and run and play games. We have a great crowd, and we welcome newcomers. If you would like to register and offer a game or play games just fill in this form, or if it won't work, reply to this email.

CJ x



THank you so much for you interest in running an online game at Image from the Wizard Torn. The following form will help me get your game up on the site tonight.

If you are worried about running, try to relax. It is much easier than you might expect, and people are very understanding if technology fails etc. We are all in this together, and trying to have fun -- no one has paid anything to play. Do provide pregenerated characters - we have a supply if needed on pdf sheets

See how it works for you, and thank you for offering us a game!Do write if I can be of help.

The games submission for is here

The main page for the event is

Games will go up tonight
CJ x


Good morning. Thanks to all who played in the Tribunal last night. Image from the Wizard Torn continues all weekend and we have plenty of spaces in Ars Magica games. One is starting now ar

Just go see if a space left! All free, All Ars, All welcome!

CJ x

Spaces in other games available too!

Sorry I couldn't make it. I hope it went well.

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Well another Image from the Wizard Torn comes to an end. The big news this time is that the next Image will coincide with Grand Tribunal, and will cover the Stonehenge Tribunal of 1209 but will also have two programmes of games running concurrently, one for those physically present in Cheltenham, England at Grand Tribunal (tickets available from now) and the second Image half running online as the last three Image from the Wizard Torn have.

The games that ran at this weekend's free online convention included

It's not a playground! by Christopher Barrett. You are the children of the covenfolk, living day to day at the same place your parents work. The magi are scary, the few apprentices snobby, your parents bossy, and the work hard. Why not see if you can make it fun? (All characters are between 5 and 8 years old)

The Drowning of Marzanna by Sunette The death of Marzanna, according to Slavic folk beliefs meant the awakening of nature to life, and thus the beginning of Spring. But this is not a happy tale...and not for the faint of heart. (CJ adds: a delightfully gothic very dark tale of impossible choices and the darkest aspects of faerie).

A Field Trip by Darkwing A field trip for apprentices proves to be something very unexpected indeed, when the apprentices are Diedne and are hurried away from the covenant on a summer's day in 1107...

Sabren's Wall of Shells by Anna. The faerie queen of the powerful River Severn requests aid from Sir Nathaniel and friends regarding the Dominion boundary, revealing the story of the half-giant and why he lies low. The latest's instalment in Anna's long running adventure series set in Mythic Shropshire.

The Stonehenge Tribunal of 1202 by CJ. Using some new mechanics to speed up calculating the influence of various covenants over NPC covenants, twenty players from the four player covenants in his current saga (plus a couple of NPCs) schemed, traded, politicked and finally voted on cases and revisions of the Peripheral Code on both Friday and Sunday night. The most important addition was the decision by CJ to henceforth peg game time to real time, at two seasons to one week, to try and synchronise covenants.

Thanks to everyone who attended or played, and look forward to seeing you all and new faces in August. Also we still welcome new players and potentially new covenants in the saga, playing weekly or biweekly.

If you are interested in playing do contact me or post here: if you attended do post reviews.

Thanks to all our wonderful GMs and players
CJ x! Tornlog|516x309


Once again it was an amazing online event and opportunity to interact with fellow Ars Magica players & storytellers! The role-playing was excellent and a nice variety of different games to suit assorted player preferences. A big thank you to CJ who made it happen and organised everything.

It was a great weekend! :smile:


It was lots of fun, especially running my game and playing in Tom's 'A Field Trip.' That bag earned its keep! Also fun taking two teenagers on a medieval night out (we watched hairstyling and juggling, enjoyed live music and a favourite real ale, and probably best not mention the tanneries). Sunette's game was thought-provoking, with flavourful characters. But kudos to Chris Barrett for being such a funny and logical MC, do I mean Praeco? I look forward to finding out if the tutoring works.



Oh crap, I didn't even see this until today! How frustrating. I love Grand Tribunal.

Truth be told, I had just gotten bored with the forums and hadn't checked on them in a few weeks.

...but I didn't think it had been over a fortnight since I checked. I wonder why I missed this.

Just a reminder that tickets are available for Grand Tribunal 2021 (13th to 15th August) at and that the same dates will see the fourth Image from the Wizard Torn for those unable to join us physically. More details to follow.