The secret of Kells: recommended movie!

Hi there!

I just wanted to recommend to anyone on this forum the movie The Secret of Kells. I just saw it and it is soooooo Ars Magica I couldn't believe it :laughing: You have everything: Divine, faerie/magical (she does not pay much attention to humans after all) and dark fae/infernal/magical creatures mixed up with a dark ages tale including vikings! :slight_smile: Pitty there was no flambeaus around :stuck_out_tongue:

100% recommended. Inspiring

Now, for brendan I get these:

  • Free Expression
  • Educated
  • Monk
  • Sheltered Upbringing
  • Magical Animal Companion.

Anything more? :slight_smile:


Adds to Netflix queue

I just saw it myself. It's a good film alright.

Thanks for the recommendation, we just watched it and enjoyed it quite a lot. :slight_smile: Normally I'm pretty wary of highly stylized animation, it often feels forced to me (look at me, I'm being artistic!) but I thought they did a wonderful job with this.

Just watched the trailer. It looks really good. I'll look for that one. :slight_smile:


I saw it... and about 5 minutes into it I was over it. Too slow for my tastes.

I've seen it now. Excellent movie. Excellent soundtrack too. Using it as background music when I prepare Ars Magica sessions these days. Well, I use Dimmu Borgir too, though, so it's all in the right context. :slight_smile: