The Secret World - MMORPG

Well, TSW is a MMORPG currently in development - and the more I read/see about it, the more I have to think "Feng Shui!".

Basics of the game: all mysteries are true, like thehollow earth, missing days, abductions, MIBs, occult summonings etc. It plays in our real world where there is a hidden, secret world and a dark war raging. The game wants to combine RPG elements with Guns, Martial Arts and Sorcery, a free character development and different factions. It seems that the only thing is missing is the "larger then life way over the top" wuxia action and of course the future and the past. If the devs can deliver what they promises cough then we will have an interesting game which we surely can use in our campaigns - and even recruit some new players for the true FS.
Lets take this trailer for example - anyone else who immediately had to think about a pledged hit team cleaning up a city overrun by Lotus demons?
And of course the most iconic FS trailer, magic cop vs demon - not without a good milk shake.

Oh, did i mentioned that it has a faction called "Dragons"? And that their line is "Change requires chaos, and chaos is ours to orchestrate"? Now, hands up who had to think at their own gaming group? :mrgreen:

That cgi one looked pretty nifty I must admit.

If someone involved in the making of this is not a Feng Shui fan, I'll eat my badass fedora.

I have to admit, seeing some of the art, ideas etc: yeah, it really sounds like FS. :slight_smile:


Bit of a necrobump here - but I saw a dev video from conference the other day and it's definitely trying to tap the same well of awesome as Feng Shui. There's an element of time travel. The bit I saw showed a 'dungeon' where a small group of heroes got involved in a battle where Amerindians and Vikings had teamed up to stop a dark ritual by Mayans. If that's not Four Monarch politics in action, nothing is.

I don't generally go for MMOs, but I might have a medical need for this. I live in hope that there'll be a Feng Shui/Shadowfist fan clan/guild/whatever. The prospect of recreating old tabletop characters leaves me salivating.

Gameplay vid - looks very interesting and yes, I think you can use a lot of things for FS.