The Seven League Stride, but how long is a league?

As the subject line says, how long is really a league? It seems that the 3 mile league wasn't used in the Middle Ages (at least, that's what I get from wikipedia), so how long can one travel with a Seven-League Stride?
The measurement of a league was also used in ancient Rome, but one Roman league was about 1.4 miles, it seems.


Although it may or may not be anachronistic, 3 miles to the league seems to be used in the RAW.

I use the "Maritime légua" as to my knowledge its been the most standardised for the longest(which doesnt exactly say much unfortunately, but at least there is a decent chance that its fairly correct even for medieval time).

So, 5.5km roughly or 5555.56m for precision.

This makes for interesting reference.

I think the RAW puts it at 3 miles. historically it varied. The English league was bout 1.4 miles as was the roman one. The spanish one was closer to the nautical mile. Depending on which of many websites, it is hard to figure out what one was used in any specific area. There is at least one spanish one that was in use before the 16th century as I found reference to it being outlawed as measurement use in the 1580's.

I found the following references as just a start: ... asure.html

Which is 3.45 miles.

Im sure it is, but i dont adhere to such barbaric practises as "miles" as a unit of distance. :smiling_imp:

Who would use such ungainly and illogical fallacies of the past...


Is there an actual reference to this anywhere or is it inferred? (i havent seen it at least...)

Thats why i prefer the maritime legua, as it seems to have been used by sailors a bit of everywhere, which should mean that it was at least known in a lot more places than "just locally"(or nationally etc).

In real life I often have to translate stuff in weird units (BTU, hp, mm Hg etc) into proper units. If only every country of the world adopted a sane unit system.

Not sure.

It can roughly be inferred from the ReCo guidelines. Roughly speaking, each extra magnitude multiplies the transportation range by 10. The guidelines are 5 paces, 50 paces, 500 paces, 1 league, 7 leagues. 7 leagues seems to be an odd one, but I'm guessing that is based on the name more than anything else. We can guess 1 league is roughly between 500x7=3500 and 500x10=5000 paces. At the 5000 pace end, which is more consistent with the other guidelines, we'd be around 3 miles.

I found a conversion factor between nautical miles and miles in C&G, but I haven't spotted anything specific about leagues.

There is another league reference in RoP:M, but again there's nothing linking it to another unit of distance.


I always thought of a league as 3 Roman miles, which are a bit shorter than modern miles. Wikipedia claims it to be 1.5 Roman miles. For game purposes I'd probably just use 3 miles, with miles being whatever we use as miles for other game purposes.

African or European League?

And to not just be silly, here's a definitely house rule idea, but it might make some interesting stories. What if the distance varied depending on the situation?

e.g. A nautical league is a bit longer than a normal league. This has mystical significance, so that if you teleport yourself while on a boat (or at least on water) you can go further than on land. It would then follow that a league in air must be even longer yet, so you might be able to teleport a really long ways if you were flying.

You could eventually work this up into a fullscale mystery, with new ranges along similar lines to how astrology lets you pick specific durations (specific number of diameters, signs, etc)