The Shapeshifter's New Clothes!

Guidelines for clothes?

Since most creo spells result in the item appearing in front of you, would adding a magnitude allow it to appear upon the individual?

Nifty visual of a magus flying in as a falcon, landing and changing to human while mist swirls around them and coalesces into clothing...

I usually bypass this by shapeshifting with Muto corpus(animal) spells, and having my clothes made of wool and leather so they count as animal and can transform.

(no doubt most covenants like this have a seamstress who curses the magus who insists on no herbam products being used in their robes!)

The CrAn guidelines are unfortunately not great here - to make produced goods including "such as a leather jacket or a woolen tunic, add two magnitudes to the level necessary to create the equivalent amount of dead animal". Now the CrAn 5 "create an animal product" states that individual is a single hair, hide or tusk. I take this as one sheep's worth of wool as it makes for simplicity, so I would say CrAn 5,+2 mags for processed,+1 for touch,+2 for sun duration - CrAn 30?

Does anyone have a copy of Houses of hermes:mystery cults to check if the Bjornaer book suggests anything?

Technically, since R:Personal covers items touching oneself. Also, the Herbam guidelines are much more forgiving...

Base 2: Create a processed plant product. R:Personal D:Sun, T:Ind maybe +1 for complexity to get it into a desired shape or colored in plant dyes? Is only 5th level. Even if someone doesn't have any experience with Herbam, this spell is easily created...

Look at Clothe the Naked Form (MoH p.58). You could stick in Animal in place of Herbam, or perhaps more likely add an Animal requisite. You might also consider using T: Group instead of T: Individual so all the clothing can be created at once. I have a preference for D: Moon over D: Sun so you don't run into trouble at sunup and sundown. Swirling mist coalescing is just a cool effect, so it needn't be included in the TeFo## stuff.


Chris is right, look in MoH, it has all you'll ever want to know about making clothes via magic.