The Spider's Nest

Just a placeholder for... everything that ain't her charsheet.

Applicable totals :
CrIg : Cr 09 + Sta 01 + Ig 05 + Aura 05 = 20 / 5 = 4 + 6 ruby = 10.

Lavishly decorated, with a lot of tapestries and carpets, these are kept warm at all times.
These consist of 3 circular rooms: a reception room, living quarters, and a bathroom.
In winter, she uses a spell to make her bed walls warm to the touch: CrIg Base 2, +1 Touch, +3 Moon = lvl 10.

She also has several “warm spots” in the rooms that she enchants likewise, or with a stronger, base 3, sun duration effect when it is too cold.

In each room, the room’s shape is used to maintain a constant* cadre of 4 Carved Assassins as guards**. Without contrary instruction, these are to detain any intruder. Arachne has cast MuIm spells*** on the mannequins to make them appear like blackguards: men clad in black, chitinous armor, with inhuman, glaring, multifaceted eyes like those of a spider. When they move, one can hear the noise made by their armor, as if it was real. One who is surprised by such devilish creatures must make a Brave roll of 6+ or recoil in terror.

  • She has cast "The Carved Assassin" once, then "Circle of Spell Sustaining" to keep the spells going.
    ** Stats (ported from LoH, similar effect, adapted): Characteristics: Cun +0, Per +0, Pre –3, Com –3, Str +3, Sta +3, Dex –1, Qik –1
    Size: 0
    Pole Arm: Init +2, Attack +6, Defense +3, Damage +11
    Crossbow: Init +4, Attack +4, Defense -1, Damage +7 (The bolts are useful in bypassing MR)
    *** MuIm base 2 (sight and hearing), +1 touch, +1 Conc = lvl 04. She uses the circular shape of her lab and rooms to maintain that illusion, through her Circle of Spell Sustaining.
    Soak: n/a: they do not suffer damage like humans. Rather, it is possible to remove a limb from the mannequin with any blow that deals 10+ damage. MĂ©le weapons used by the mannequins are subject to MR, thus the crossbows.

It is closed to the outside, hidden if possible (either underground or through architectural tricks) and Arachné teleports to it. She keeps some small peebles (AC) hidden here and there in her living quarters. It is circular, too, with Carved Assassins that are to kill any intruder.

1) Staff

She casts a spell to make the ruby of her staff glow slightly, giving the impression that is is magical.
Base 1 (create light equivalent to moonlight), +1 touch, +2 Ring = lvl 04
This uses the ring in which the ruby is enclosed to sustain the duration.

When needed, she casts a variant for a Sun duration, using base 3 (create light equivalent to torchlight), +1 touch, +2 sun = lvl 10.

2) Bracelet of Focus
A golden bracelet engraved with a thunderbolt and on which are encrusted Jade gems. This serves to boost Arachné's spont Casting Totals through Spell Foci.
Thunderbolt: +2 Auram, +3 lightning, +4 protection from demons
Jade +4 Aquam
Gold +2 Control People and Health, +3 Prevent Aging, +4 Induce Greed, +4 Nobility and Peace.
It also features 2 points, one above, one below, where arachné can put Web-Shooters.

This is where I'll note the "carpets" and all discussed in her thread if/when she goes to do these. Hopefully, this'll grow nicely, since she sucks so much at formulaics.

I'll have to think if I do 2 sections for her "gadgets" craft, and the one used in defense.

1) Web shooters
Crafted Spider bodies, that look like the head is ready to spit web. Arachne uses Re(Mu)He (Base 3, +1 touch, +1 req = lvl 05) to meld the wood of the body so as to attach it to specially crafted places in her Bracelet of Focus, with 2 holding places in each, one on top, one below. Possible effects include:

  • Weaver's Trap of Webs (CrAn 35, base5, +2 Voice, +2 sun, +2 group). CT Creo 9 + Animal 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 20. Not Enough.
  • A single, sticky web line (CrAn 25, base 5, +2 voice, +1 diam, +1 size). CT Creo 9 + Animal 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 20. Not Enough.
  • Pilum of Flame (CrIg 20, base 10, Voice, Mom, Ind, + 15 dam). CT Creo 9 + Ignem 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 21. One charge.
  • Arc of Fiery Ribbons (CrIg 25, base 05, Voice, Mom, Group, + 10 dam). CT Creo 9 + Ignem 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 21. Not Enough.

2) Cloak of Invisibility

  • PeIm base 4, +1 Touch, + 1 Conc, +1 moving images = lvl 15, +5 item maintains concentration = lvl 20. CT Pe 15 + Im 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 26. 2 charges.

3) Coat of Flight

  • ReCo base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Conc = lvl 25, +5 item maintains concentration = 30. CT Re 21 + Co 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. One charge.
  • Alternative based on ReHe? The user will need to be strapped to the cloak or else he'll fall. This will also impede his movements. But it will be easier.

4) Unerring Daggers
Daggers that, once thrown, fly towards their target with a force unparalleled by man, doing +10 damage.
Actually, a piece of woven cloak is bound to them and casts the spell on them.

  • ReTe base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Metal = lvl 20. Require a finesse roll. An alternative exists that need to bypass MR. CT Re 21 + Te 07 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 34. 3 charges.

5) Web of Lies
A little spider that casts “Trust Me” at the target

6) Moonlight Bow
A stringless bow. When an arrow is put on it, a faint, magical, silver lining appears that can be strung to propel the arrow, which never fails to strike its target for +4 damage (based on "Accorns for Amusement")
ReHe base 3, +2 Voice = lvl 05. CT Re 21 + He 06 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 33. 6 charges.

7) Burrowing Spider
A little spider that eats earth, creating a gaping void.
PeTe base 3, +1 touch, +1 Part, +1 extra size = lvl 10. CT Pe 15 + Te 07 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 28. 4 charges.

8) Trapped Carpet
A carpet that delivers an offensive spell at Touch range on people stepping on it. Also works with furniture.

9) Cursed Tapestry or Mirror
Casts an Eye range spell at anyone that looks at them. Very dangerous, then.

10) Another Trapped Carpet
When someone walks on it, it casts at sight range an invisible sling of vilano on a pile of stones before in the corridor.

11) Bolts of the Pit
Arrows (1 charge per arrow) shot from a bow.
MoH p 134: PeTe 10 (Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +1 size, free cosmetic effect)
The magical effect of the enchanted arrows is equivalent to the spell Pit of Gaping Earth (ArM5, page 155), but operates at Range Touch instead of Voice. Consequently, each arrow, being a carrier for the spell, must be aimed and fired to reach its target, because the arrows themselves do not have any su- pernatural flight qualities. After leaving the string of the bow used to propel it forward, and upon touching solid, earthen ground, each of the enchanted arrows destroys earth as described for Pit of Gaping Earth. CT Pe 15 + Te 07 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 28. 4 charges.

12) Ambush Spider
A small spider that casts “Ambush on a Deserted Road” PeIm 20. . CT Pe 15 + Im 05 + Sta 01 + Aura 05 = 26. 2 charges.

13) Silk Spider
A spider that casts a circular version of Doublet of Impenetrable Silk

The things she has done to protect the covenant against intrusion

I) Mannequin Guards
She'll ask a suitable covenfolk to craft mannequins of rough human form. Nothing too difficult here, although she'll ask for a lot of these (it's important to have stocks).
She'll put these in selected places on the walls, towers... inside those inscribed circles, animate them through "The Carved Assassin", and use her "Circle of Spell Sustaining". She'll then spont on each of them a MuIm lvl 04 spell to make them appear and sound (armor, weapons) like normal, human guards (Base 2, +1 touch, +1 Conc), on which she'll also cast a Circle of Spell Sustaining. As each casting is either Mastered & Relaxed, or non-fatiguing spont, she doesn't risk botching.

So long as they stay inside the circles, the mannequins are effectively constant, untiring guards that look like normal guards (which is pretty important if someone attacks us).
She'll equip them with Short Bows and Swords. The sword strikes can be resisted, but not the arrows.

And then, the orders.
They are to fire on any target that is designed them by a recognized magus of Andorra or a member of the Andorran guard (designed as such by either her, as the spellcaster, or by 2 other designated magi), save if it is a Magus or an Andorran guard member. They must also fire on any aerial target that is not a Magus and is bigger than a dove, save if it flies through a "safe corridor". Should the alarm be sounded or raised, or should the Guards be killed, they are to fire on any target that ain’t a magus or a guard member.
They also have short swords, and must defend their spot from anyone climbing the walls, or landing on them (save Magi of Andorra).

  1. Bound ghosts to huge mechanical spiders animated through ReTe. Like with the Living Ghost, only the obedient ghost ruling the spider.

  2. Earth elementals!! In the covenant as guards, and summonable with watching wards?

  3. Trapped item: When touched, it tries to read the person's thoughts, to determine if they are a friend of the Spider. It has no penetration, so a magus needs to lower his Parma. If it fails, whatever the reason, it casts another effect (either triggering other items, or one in it). This can be a doorknob, a chair...
    Arachné always warn her friends to lower their parma while in her Sanctum.

  4. Circles with Ambush on the Trapped Road (HOH:S p69)

All casting totals are without Aura, Ceremonial Magic or S&M bonuses, so some effects may be possible or not depending on the location.

Rego CT 27

  • ReAn(He) base 1, +2 Voice, +2 Group = lvl 05.
    See MoH p, Bind Fast: The targets’ clothes seek out and bind themselves to the nearest other object, moving or not. If the members of a group are standing sufficiently close, this spell binds them together. The magic lasts just long enough for the clothes to bind themselves into knots, and then dissipates allowing the targets to free themselves by undoing or cutting the knotted cloth.
    While all of a target’s surface clothing will writhe and seek out something to bind to, there is no guarantee that all of it can. If the clothes are close-fitting, or there is not enough slack in the garment, the cloth will simply flail for a moment and then fall dormant. If there is sufficient cloth but there is nothing within its reach, the target may still become bound up as his clothes wrap and tie themselves around his limbs.
    Affected targets suffer a –3 penalty to all subsequent rolls for physical actions, but can free themselves by either dedicating a round to cutting or tearing the clothing, or by spending two rounds working to untie the knots. Storyguides may wish to give other options to particularly large, strong, or dexterous characters. Until members of the target group have freed themselves, successive castings of this spell have no further effect.

  • ReAn(He) base 1, +3 Sight, +1 Concentration= lvl 05.
    See MoH p, the Treacherous Cloak: This spell uses a target’s clothes against him, twisting them into cords that then strangle the target for as long as the caster keeps concentrating. Using the deprivation rules in ArM5, page 180, the target must make a Stamina check every 5 rounds. Additionally, the target can attempt a Strength + Athletics stress roll against the caster’s Dexterity + Finesse Simple roll in order to break the grip of the clothes. If the character is being helped, use the highest Strength + Athletics score and add 1 for each other person helping. The target can attempt a Brave Personality Trait roll against an Ease Factor of 9 in order to perform an action other than at- tempting to free himself from the grip of his own clothes. The caster must, as usual, succeed in Concentration rolls each round.

Rego CT 27

  • ReAq base 3 to freeze water, +1 touch = lvl 04

Rego CT 28

  • ReHe Base 3, +2 Voice = lvl 05
    See ToME p, Acorns for Amusement: This spell, taught to apprentices initially as an amusing game that allows them to vandalize their immediate environment with acorns, becomes a surprisingly effective spell in adult combat. It allows the magus to fling at a target any single piece of wood that is within Voice range and that is smaller than a pace long, wide, and deep. The damage a piece wood does when it strikes a target ranges from +1, for small, blunt piece, right up to +10 for logs a yard across. Arachné usually carries a special hip quiver of sharpened, unfletched arrow shafts for this purpose. An individual shaft does +4 Damage.

Creo CT 15

  • CrIg Base 2, +1 Touch, + 2 Sun = lvl 05
    See MoH p, Coat of Prometheus: This spell enchants a person to remain at least comfortably warm regardless of how cold the environment is. Snow immediately melts off of the target’s body, and moisture soon evaporates from both the target and his clothing. The target suffers no ill effects from normal extremes of cold weather. The spell also confers a +5 Soak bonus to resist dam- age caused by extreme cold, and a –5 Soak penalty to resist damage caused by extreme heat. Ease Factors of rolls to resist the environmental effects of heat are increased by 3 for characters affected by Coat of Prometheus. Arachné can either manage a Personal version with Andorra’s Aura, or even a Concentration version that she extends with ReVi. She can also use a Ruby to boost her casting total by 06.

Creo CT 15

  • CrIm base 1, +3 sight = lvl 04
    This creates a sound at sight range. This cannot duplicate a word, but can be used to trigger an item whose trigger is a common sound, like a buzzing.
    Note that this can also be used to create a static image, a smell... But that there's no duration

Muto CT 11

  • MuIm base 2, +1 Conc = lvl 03.
    See MoH p93, Hiding in Plain Sight: The visual and auditory species shed by the caster acquire an anamorphic nature, tricking the viewer’s mind into misinterpreting what he is seeing. As long as the caster acts in a non-threatening manner and draws no attention to herself, no-one will pay her the slightest notice. Their attention simply glides off her as being mundane and insignificant. For example, she can walk through a crowded room and no-one will notice her passing. But should she stop to talk to anyone, the illusion is lost for that individual. For the illusion to work, the victim must fail a Perception roll with a -3 penalty (since the illusion involves two senses). The Ease Factor for this roll is equal to the sum of a die roll, the victim’s Inattentive (or similar) Personality Trait, the caster’s Perception, and the caster’s Finesse score. The victim’s total must exceed the Ease Factor by 3 or more to reveal the illusion as false. See Houses of Hermes: Societates, pages 65-66 for more details of anamorphic illusions.

Intellego CT 20

  • ReVi base 2, +1 Touch = lvl 03
    See MoH p, sense the weight of Divine power: This tells the caster what strength of Divine aura he is currently standing in. Variants at the same level exist for the other realms

Rego CT 36

  • ReVi Maintaining the demanding spell base 02, +1 Touch, +2 Sun = lvl 05
    This sustains a spell of level 04 or lower for Sun duration. Great for all these effects.

This is for the items she has created and stockpiled, as well as her Vis stocks.

Rego: There's a source in the pyrénée, where, at the onset of Spring, one can collect ice as it begins to melt into Water. This yields 2 pawns per Rego Vis per year. Current stock: 20 pawns

- Web of Lies: A spider that casts Trust Me (ReMe 20). It has a little magnet encrusted in its back. CT 21 + 6 + 1 + Aura 5 + Magnet 2 = 36.
One spider (04 charges)

Since I used the one before for her magical stockpiles.

The Spider's Laboratory is in a closed room inside the covenant, at the end of a corridor. Although this is a trap. That room doesn't contain a lab, but rather a series of traps. The real laboratory is elsewhere, hidden, entirely closed to the outside. Arachné enters the fake lab and teleports from there to the real one.

Size: +1 (0) [50 sq. m.]
Refinement: +0
General Quality: +0
Upkeep: +3
Safety: +1
Warping: +0
Health: +0
Aesthetics: +0

Virtues & Flaws
Dedicated Building (Free Structure Virtue): Upkeep: +1; Aesthetics: +1; Rego: +1
Magical Heating (Free Supernatural Virtue): Type: Superior; Safety: +0; Health: +1; Aesthetics: +1; Ignem: +1
Magical Lighting (Free Supernatural Virtue): Type: Superior; Imaginem: +1; Aesthetics: +1; Texts: +1
Superior Construction (Free Structure Virtue): Safety: +1; Aesthetics: +1
Superior Tools (Free Outfittings Virtue): Upkeep: +1; Safety: +1; Enchanting Items: +1
Subterranean (Free Structure Flaw): Upkeep: +1; Health: -1; Aesthetics: -1; Terram: +1
Infested: Roots (Free Outfittings Flaw): Safety: -1; Aesthetics: -1; Specialization: Herbam +1
Impregnable (Free Supernatural Flaw): Aesthetics: -2

+1 Enchanting Items
+1 Herbam
+1 Ignem
+1 Imaginem
+1 Rego
+1 Terram
+1 Texts

From the Spider's Spellbinding Compendium: Magical Traps

Most hermetic defense systems rely on greater magical items, or the presence of bound guardians, most commonly spirits or ghosts.

While this provides a great deal of power and versatility, it requires a lot of time and vis, which can become quickly a limiting factor.

My unique abilities allow me to bypass these restrictions, by crafting a lot of trickets which I can then use to fashion various traps.
But this approach requires me to think outside the box, since I can't rely on traditionnal hermetic methods. While this may seem like a flaw, I happen to think that it is a blessing in disguise, since it means intruders may more easily fall into such a trap, confident in their Parma Magica.

To that end, I've designed 3 ways by which a trap may be designed.

  • The first is, actually, an improvement on some of Hermanus designs, which I was lucky enough to be able to observe a little while working for my gracious hosts in the Transylvania Tribunal.
    Magic items are commonly activated by words and/or gestures. Wave the wand, and say the magic word, to throw a fire bolt.
    Hermanus used that to great effect, creating items whose trigger was simply "being touched".
    While, obviously, a very effective way to trigger a trap, it may prove problematic when you need to navigate a protected area. But I reasonned that, if an item can be activated by touching it and saying a word, another can be activated by touching it while not saying a word. This allows the creation of traps almost as effective as those of hermanus (Don't forget the human factor here), but which a rightful owner can navigate.
    I call these "Spider's Bite" traps, because if you're not cautious enough, you get bitten.

  • Circular traps which mustn't be broken. I can these "Webbings", since they only work if intact. They rely on some effect (or, more commonly, effects) being continuously maintained by a Ring duration, and, most often, require Penetration. For example, an improvement on the "chamber pot" spell could create a ring which would greviously wound any human entering it.

  • Circular traps which must be broken. I call these "Dark Webbings", since they are both a mirror version of normal webbings, but also quite devious. Like their sisters, they rely on Ring duration enchantments. Contrary to them, they are only triggered when the victim breaks the circle,and may more easily be designed to avoid Magical Resistance. For example, if a Room target Creo Ignem spell's activation has been delayed by a Ring duration version of The Patient Spell, breaking the ring ends the delaying effect, thus filling the room with Fire.

Of course, these can be used together, with various levels of complexity, since a single circle and support multiple Ring enchantments.
Obviously, Webbings and Dark Webbings can be designed to make use of the same magical Ring. But one can also design a Bite to disrupt a Webbing, be it Dark or not.

Personal Notes:
I wonder...
If I could excavate a room through a Muto Terram spell that changed stone into air... No, too many variables, and I'd need to concentrate too much.
Maybe something similar, with a natural flame? Although if I use Fire, I'd better make sure any Ward against Flame is disabled first, which runs counter to the whole idea of ignoring Magical Resistance.

Still, this is where I'm strongest at, meaning that, using something akin to a Spider of Mystical Defeat nested into a Webbing, I should be able to bring down a typical Ward against Heat and Flame with enough penetration to pierce any kind of Parma Magica.
Meaning I could make more, obviously, but better to ensure that this would bring down even stronger magical wards. By my calculations, if I gave it all, I could bring down even the highest defense against fire even through a fourteen magnitude magical defense.
But is it really worth it? All this for a mundane fire, which could escape my control at any moment... I don't think so, not until I find a way to get around this that doesnt involve putting a whole room on fire.

From the Spider's Spellbinding Compendium: Hiding and protecting your web

Now that the basics are covered,one need to think about magical robbers.

  1. Supernatural Intruders

In a way, these are simple to deal with: a simple Webbing with a Perdo Vim enchantment should give them pause.
What may be problematic is when such being can just enter the protected area though an unforeseen direction, usually to serve as recon for a Mage.
To protect against that, it's probably easier to just have circular rooms protected by Webbings, although, in some cases, wards may be more effective.
Maybe combine an outward repulsive protection with inner destructive traps, or a magical prison, which lets a spirit enter, but not leave? This achieves a similar effect, while leaving you with a prisonner to interrogate. Sadly, this will only work against the weaker entities.

An intriguing possibility would be a circular trap that enslaves any supernatural being within its bounds. Not only would this be more efficient than a prison ward, it would turn intruders into allies. While this is also possible with mundanes, captured supernatural creatures make eternal guardians, while enthralled mundanes will soon die of hunger or thirst.

Note that a clever magus might use similar techniques, which leads us to...

  1. Omnidirectional Intruders

Burrowing through the ground, flying or who knows what else, are all viable means for a smart and ressourceful intruder to enter the defended zone. Never assume your thief or assassin will gently go through the maze you've patiently designed.

How can we deal with this?
The easiest is the one I've taken with my own sanctum and laboratory: hide the protected area, access it through translocative magics.
There might be useful regios, too, but yu can't count on this. If you're lucky to find a single entry regio to use for your purposes, good for you. Nonetheless, unless you're sure it is exceptional enough not to be accessible through Second Sight or Piercing the Veil spell, I'd just discount this.
Which leaves us with the hardest, but more effective, technique: The omnidirectional maze. In a nutshell, you must first create your whole protected area while keeping these precepts in mind, building it like an egg, with circular layers of defenses taking care of the problems with adressed before.

Personal Notes
Obviously, this last solution requires a lot of place and planning, but maybe I'll be able to use it one day if I get to build that fallback bunker I dream about. As far as I know, it is untested to this day, but I strongly believe it to be potentially more effective than the other two techniques. Nonetheless, as always, redundancy is the way to go

  1. Mundanes

One can easily get lost when speaking about magic, treating mundanes as negligible. After all, a simple Ward against the Curious Scullion can stop them from entering a barred area.

One would be wrong.

Despite their lack of supernatural powers, mundanes have an asset over magi: Numbers. While an individual soldier is easy to deal with, a force of smart, determined mundanes can pick apart any place, unravelling the best defences by simply destroying the physical substrates that support them. Given enough time, even a single mundane can do this, burrowing through the ground to bypass a protected entrance.

You should thus either ensure that the entire defended area is warded against... Well, just about everything, which quickly becomes time and vis consuming, or that it has enough guardians to protect it against a mundane assault.

This is far from simple. Sure, your sanctum is protected by a cadre of ghosts that can turn the very ground towards assaillants. However, they can't stop a siege engine from crushing it, or a river being diverted unto it.

Sadly, protecting against such treats falls far outside my area of expertise. Just try to be aware of them, and do your best.

  1. Wizards

Personal note: Wizards are the worst. Not only can they have a wide range of abilities, making your best preparations useless, but they may also command both supernatural and mundane intruders, meaning you also have to contend with their servants.

You should note that, unless you're protecting your Sanctum, you may find yourself severely limited in your options, as you need to make sure your defences won't harm, or scry, an hermetic mage. You should thus either ensure that they can't affect humans, or that they can be resisted AND have no penetration.

That being said, magi are very, very difficult to deal with. In addition to the tactics described before, magi have several options to bypass your defenses:

  • Try to disarm them with enough magicaly animated cannon fodder, from corpses to rocks.

  • Try to dispel with through Vim Magics

  • Try to go through them, using wards and spells to defend themselves or bypass your defences.

Thus, the easiest way to deal with magi, besides avoiding them, is to lure them into a false sense of complacency. Begin with either no traps, or simple, easy to detect, ones. And towards the end, strike hard, fast and viciously.

4.1) Defending against animated constructs.

A simple Perdo Vim weaving to destroy magical workings should do the trick, if you're powerful enough. Otherwise, it's probably easier to compound several weavings that destroy human and animal material, wood, stone... you know the drill.

Yet another possibility is to take control of the creatures yourself. A weaving is a renewable, permanent solution, but it is static, whereas a well-placed sting can surprise an intruding magus, by implanting a kill order in his cronies for a Duration of Sun.

It is thus advised to begin your web with some weavings, and put a few stings towards the end.

It should be noted that a resourceful mage will first send in proxies, and then dispel any weaving holding them. To avoid that, you should place that weaving outside their direct line of sight (around a corner, for example), and ensure that they can't target it without first falling prey to a trap specially designed for magi, or at least living humans.

4.2) Defending against Wind of Mundane Silence and similar magics

Perdo Vim is one of your worst enemies. A single spell, easy to learn and to cast, can throw of days, if not months, of careful preparation.

As always, deception is your best defence. To avoid detection through Intellego Vim, you should, yourself, use Perdo or muto Vim to decrease or hide the signature of any active magics. Adding a few non-protected traps to lure the intruder into complacency may be useful.

But that won't help you if someone just decides to blanket the area with a Wind of Mundane Silence, or similar effect. So what do you do?

Your first option is to ensure your traps are outside any viable target, like Room, or Structure, but this may prove next to impossible.

Your second option is to aim for the highest possible magnitude. Aside from the weaknesses of individual magi, formulaic spells themselves have limits to what they can affect.

Finally, you may use countermagics, by placing your defences into a web similar to ( insert spell in TrME ).

Also, don’t forget that you may factor this strategy into your defenses, by crafting a Dark Webbing designed to be activated by a Perdo Vim dispell.

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