The stores

heading to the store room as some of the covenfolk give directions you discover
59 pounds of gold (worth 590 MP)
30 pawns of creo vis
5 pawns intelligo vis
5 pawns muto vis
25 pawns perdo vis
3 pawns divine perdo vis
15 pawns animal vis
30 pawns aquum vis
15 pawns aurum vis
15 pawns corpus vis
25 pawns herbem vis
20 pawns ignem vis
30 pawns imagonem vis
5 pawns mentem vis
20 pawns terram vis
30 pawns vim vis

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Carefully Silas walks around in the storage room observing the various piles of treasure, He walks right past the gold. He counts to himself and gets more and more excited as the number gets higher and higher. Finally he turns to the others and cheerfully blurts out.

“There is almost three Queens in here… Imagine what we could make with all this. I have never seen so much vis in my life before. It’s almost a bottomless supply…”

Silas rubs his hand together. He can almost not believe his luck. Various projects he dreamt up during his apprenticeship flashes though his head.

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