The Tall Tale of Ivarr the Pisspot

The Tall Tale of Ivarr the Pisspot
It was in the early years of the 13th century after the death of our Savior that a man by the name of Ivarr who was so avaricious that he was called Ivarr Gold Gleam, so arrogant that he was called Ivarr the Mild and so rash in action that he was called Ivarr Fire Mane had set his sights on the possessions of Albrecht ex Verditius, he who in later years would be known as Artifex Daedalus, and so came into conflict with those of his Covenant. After much strife and vicious battle, Ivarr was vanquished and his body lay broken upon the ground. It had come to be that in the course of battle, Ivarr had laid waste the Garden and the Rose therein, and Albrecht One Eye was greatly wroth. In vengeance and scorn he took from the broken body of Ivarr his skull and retreated to his Tower for some time to work therein undisturbed by man and beast.

[size=95]Ivarr the Pisspot

Bind the Restless Spirit (ReMe 29)
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Ind
The ghost of Ivarr has been chained to his skull, never to rest, and never to speak or again affect the world.
Continuous Effect
(Base 15, +2 Sun, +4L Continuous)

Destroy the Base Remains (PeAq (Te, Co) 19)
R: Personal, D: Inst, T: Ind
Any bodily waste deposited in the Pisspot will be destroyed at sunset and sunrise.
(Base 10, +1 Terram Effect, +1L Uses, +3L Trigger)[/size]

Some years later, a visitor to the Tower of Albrecht the Unforgiving found a most curious sight in his guestrooms; nestled ‘neath his bed he found the skull of a man with its top shorn off, and in silver letter ‘cross the forehead the text: I am Ivarr; a Pisspot evermore.


That is so stolen for my mysterious winter covenant.