The "Things we should write" thread

For November? I could do more Saints, as they are quite good fun?

CJ x

A consideration is adding the content to Project: Redcap. I just kicked off the "30 Pages in November" campaign [url]] inviting the ArM community to update the site.


Salve sodales,
we are thirty-three days from November, the traditional time for writing projects and community efforts. I think this is the most relevant thread from last year to resurrect, so I will make the traditional requests for:
What community projects should people try this year?
Last year we had 30 pages for November. Does project redcap have another bright idea, or are there any other ideas rumbling around?

I had fun creating Hector for Anulus Connectens, and I see Erik and Christian have revived their characters for another 15 year period. When it wound down, we mused about maybe doing another covenant, or maybe doing a "Magi of Hedges" - like Magi of Hermes, but for hedge magi.

What daily item would you like to see?
Last year I went for Naranj, as I wanted to develop the Solomonic spellbook into something I might actually use for characters. Current "one a day for November" thoughts I have are:
A vis source a day
A Hermetic lab a day
An "experimentally altered" spell a day - if I've got the time, create a new spell and change it, otherwise it'll be a published spell with a twist
A rival magic spell/item a day
or maybe if I work really hard, A covenant situation a day.

Of these, the ones I find most awesome are the Vis Sources, followed by the lab. Still, anyone who is willing to put out more cool ideas for people is doing a good thing, no matter what you decide. Awesome.

Project Redcap update of the day?

Do you have a link for this?

Of these, I think I'd most like to see a hermetic lab a day, but I suspect that might also be the most work. Any of them would be cool though.

... not even going to ask for this one...

Ah, "Thirty solomonic suggestions for November" ended up as 18 by me and 3 by Ramidel - I really ought to add a few more to increase it.


Seems a bit more doable, that :wink:

I'm tempted, but my low hanging fruit on this are 19 Dunsany stories from 51 Tales ("The Food of Death") and the miscellaneous bits of Hunt's Romances of Cornwall.

I'm a bit worried because Romances of Cornwall seems to be the least popular of the regular subjects of my podcast. I'm still committed to doing it, but the cool thing about upping my podcast plan for this month to get in next week's Enormous Episode in is that I get the detailed stats package thrown in, and I've not seen it before. People don't hate the Cornish stuff by any means, it just loses about 10-20 listeners each week, and so I'm a bit leery of carpet bombing with it.

It might just be that the bits of Hunt I'm burning through are the weaker ones. I'm doing Saints and Holy Wells now, which gets me to King Arthur. know how I said I couldn't do 30 days because I was trying to fill out my podcast plan? I'm about to record the last chunk of that, so I'll have time to do something, but I'm not sure what.

OK, eight days until November!

It's looking like I will go with the hermetic lab a day, as Tellus would like to see it and it was raccoonmask's second choice. I'm reading up on the rules in Covenants - I may have to invent a few lab enchantments to get the effects I want, or to install certain virtues/flaws.

Hmm.. I'll have to re-read the Bonisagus section of HoH:TL, but I might try and stat up a Folio a day, could be interesting and gives a variety of different types of Hermetic writings for people to play with?

Folios are a fair amount of work. I got some help from the forums here to come up with a Bonisagus Folio which became an entire article in Peripheral Code's first issue.

Even if you only did one "chapter" of the Folio each day, you'd still have one Folio every week (or so) by the end, and that's not bad.

The lab idea is also great. If you're inventing some new enchantments, that will add to the shopping list for other magi working on their own labs.

I’ll be (trying to) write a spell a day in Nov on the blog. I had a handful almost ready and it will be a good motivation to post regularly.

Excellent! This looks like a bumper month.

Bumping the spells written here, there are 43 for the month as many were variations on a concept.

I can't remember anyone starting a new thread about community writing projects, so it's time for the annual revival of this thread for "What writing projects are people doing for November?" Last year Timothy produced a lot, I produced a lab a day, Imreai produced realia, and ironboundtome added 43 spells/spell variations.

Do people want to try a community project this year?
2016 had the 30 pages for November project redcap event, which was fun. Creating characters together could make a good team effort, like a covenant or a group of companions.

What daily item would you like to see?
Last year's "lab a day" went better than naranj a day or enchanted item a day did. I've come up with a list of possibilities:

A Vis source a day
A wealth creation scheme a day
A covenant situation/setting idea a day
A plotline a day - using Polti's 36 plots as suggested by Mr Ferguson, come up with slightly different story seeds that don't revolve around killing the monster and taking its loot.

A bit more time-consuming:
A non-Hermetic effect a day - to use all those hedge/rival types we never use. Will force me to spend a bit of time reading those rules
Marcus of Paris' recruitment folder - as per The Lion and The Lily, Marcus of Paris is a redcap who recruits colourful people. This will probably a grog thrown together using the grog packages most days, but at weekends I might have the time to make a companion with a modest number of virtues and flaws to add variety.

With concern for the non-hermetic effect per day, what would be both of more use to me (granted I'm not running a game at the moment so not of immediate use regardless) and easier to do than a collection from all of the different traditions, is a collection of 30 different effects from the same tradition. I'd rather have a significantly deeper grimore for one just the vitkir, augustinians, learned magicians, or whomever you choose than just a spell or two for a dozen different traditions. With 30 new spells I'd have a good toolbox of examples for creating a long term NPC to use. With two, I'd just forget about them.

Since rune wizards are likely to feature extensively in my current saga, I'd love to see some rune scripts :-/

This year I'm doing monsters. I was going to do a Venice thing, but I'm so far behind on statting up the blog I'm going to solve one problem with another.

Makes sense. And feel free to re-use some of them.

EDIT: Meaning all of them, obviously!

Sometime in the last year I was thinking about this, and might try to do an interesting apprentice a day. I got this idea during my Thebes tribunal saga where the players each came up with 1-2 apprentices to be met/introduced to the new magi who were babysitting.