The training of Abigail

I need some structure on how Abigail is being trained. How much free rein Korvin gives her, and what he's teaching her win.
Also do any in character stuff with Abigail and magi and covenfolk here...

All of her training is in the Magi Planner. She currently has an open season in 1225.1 that I was going to put her in with Jacques learning Greek. She is also given an open season during the Tribunal as I assume her family might visit or she might visit them.

Korvin is not strict if she gets her lessons done. Her skut/busy work as generally been helping out in the lab ( Korvin's and others). After the lessens, Korvin gives her free reign. And she gets the Sabbath off.

One evening, a short time after Tranquillina arrives and it has become well know that she is reading from Methuselah's texts Abigail approaches Korvin with a letter from her father in her hand."Master, my father has asked me to ask you a favor on his behalf."

((Turn of the screw...))

Of course filia. What is the favor your father wishes.

"He would like to acquire an..." she struggles for words, as if she's translating in her head, "untainted copy of Methuselah's texts. His requests to Normandy Tribunal have been denied, despite offering to pay for all costs associated, including payments of vis to magi who are inconvenienced during the time it takes to copy the texts. He has tried for several years, and has even offered inducements of contributing his own superior tractatus to this Tribunal's library. So he is seeking alternative means of acquiring the text. Can you assist?" Korvin gets the sense that she's asking something but without asking for it directly.

Korvin sits back and steeples his fingers on his lap. His index fingers tap together and Abagail knows he is thinking through the request. Tell your father I will try. No need for a discussion any further unless I succeed.

"Oh, and I cannot be the one to do what my father is asking. While I may not be as...obeservant as my father, copying the text myself is a line I cannot cross."
Changing the subject shoe dives into some of the minutia related to keeping the lab in good repair. "I've finished scouring the lab, and everything has been returned to its proper storage place."

I have full knowledge of your religious beliefs against touching those books. This is my task. The less we speak of this the better.

Good. The rest of the evening is yours do do as you will. Unless you would like a game of chess?

((Other than being blatantly illegal in the Code ( both the Order and Tribunal). Is it a matter of Korvin copying the books as best as he can?))

((Pretty much, it's a matter of someone copying the books.
Methuselah is presumed dead. If Cow and Calf applies to the estate, and the state falls to the filius first or parens second, then there are also avenues there. An Order of Hermes roll, or some research could enlighten who those people might be. There is an unwritten angle here, and there might have been some similarities between Methuselah's failure to arrive at Mons Electi when Apollodorus informed the council he was coming, and Roberto's difficulty On The Road to Bibracte. From a game perspective, I'm not sure if you were around when Methuselah was coming in, but Fiona and Alexei might reasonably wonder if Valerian could have been involved in that situation. Or something. :smiley:))

((What book has the rules for Cow and Calf? Is that HoH:TL?))

((I think the only place it's mentioned is Covenants...and it isn't Order wide...yet.)

((For now, I've adjusted Magi Planner. Korvin is inventing CrIm25 spell The Principle Aide to the Forger's Art ( Covenants pg 97) in the 1226.4. He will then copy the books 1227.3 and 1227.4 I will follow up on Cow & Calf but still I think It would be illegal because it is a Tribunal prize.))

Yes, but how did the Tribunal acquire it, and when? :smiley:
And then, are these the only (known) copies? Because an NPC is asking a PC to do the expedient thing doesn't mean the PC has to do the expedient thing. There are multiple ways to solve problems I present... When you slide down the slipper slope and turn it into an avalanche, don't ask the avalanche to stop... :smiley:

While I know about Methuselah character it was before Korvin's time and no one has brought it up. Korvin will not discuss this request with anyone else ( Abagail could) so as to limit the liability of the others if this becomes an illegal operation.

I found the Calf & Cow so I will begin research on Methuselah parens and any possible filius. I would have to rely on either Renaud or another Redcap for help as I do not have OoH lore.


Korvin greets Azura at the portal to Harco. He is carrying her letter in his hands.

Azura my dear. It has been far too long. Our people will see to your bags. Can you walk with me and I'll introduce you to Abigail.

After walking a bit.
You letter caught me by surprise. Not that you wrote but as to what it said. Korvin pauses in a passageway and looks her in the eyes. I have not written you other than to invite you to our meeting. You seem to indicate that I had sent a note about Praxiteles and Abigail. I did not do that but I do know that Abigail and Praxiteles were interested in each other. Tell me what my letter said in this matter.

""Well, that's surprising. I would guess Abigail is up to her old habits, then. Simply it was that you blessed your union and were interested in doing the Mercury's Blessing" to enhance the probability of a Gifted child. It was straightforward and business like.."

I did bless here getting active with her duties to our House and pointed out that Praxiteles was able to produce children as he was between longevity rituals. I noticed their interests in each other. I would have written the letter to you myself without her having to forge it. I worry that this has something to do with her relationship to her father.

Korvin continues the walk down the corridor.

I will have to write a letter to Ra'am about this as he might not be aware. I do not wish to ruin that relationship. And I will have to deal with Abigail.

"That would be unlikely, hurting the relationship with Ra'am. And he knows his daughter, sufficiently well, and he considers her a maga, to some extent, already. Making adult decisions to support the House. When we first met, we had a discussion about the efforts we take to serve the House and produce heirs for our magical lineage. We've continued to discuss it over the years. And the House is supporting his research efforts, as I'm sure you can imagine the utility of retaining fertility while also leading a long life..."