The training of Ulrich

Ulrich is taught more Latin in the Autumn and Artes Liberales in the Winter.
17 xp to each. This is from the teacher, Silviatos stranded at Mons Electi.
By my reckoning those should be at 4(51xp) and 3(31xp).

In the summer of 1221...

Come along lad. Lets get something to eat while you tell me about the Magic Theory...

Ulrich will speak on his relatively meager (score of 2) knowledge of Magic Theory between bites. He seems to know a little bit more about the theories pertaining to Herbam. He also finds himself distracted by the throngs of people, especially of the feminine persuasion. In fact, he may find himself being noticed by some of the young ladies in return (due to his Venus's Blessing).

Oh, it's not just the young ladies. There are a lot of MILFs. Magas I'd like to....

So there are some full-fledged magae who would like to take a hand in his training, then? Veddy intereshtink.

More along the lines that he's getting marked for future reference...

My understanding was that Ulrich would be traveling/studying/what-have-you-ing with Korvin for the season. I, too, had forgotten that Korvin had Princeps duties. But, more than anything else, I (Fiona) was hoping that Korvin could teach the lad some social skills and how to be less awkward, maybe less embarrassing. Especially considering that Ulrich has the Sheltered Upbringing flaw, so he would need perhaps Folk Ken or Charm, perhaps Carouse, with a slight chance of Intrigue, Guile, etcetera.

It may wind up being a season of Teaching or Training, with reductions for Distractions, unless it winds up being an Adventure.

I think being involved in the story will fit with this goal.

Can we safely assume that Ulrich has been with Korvin, but had to take an outhouse break and will return to the Princeps's office momentarily?

Sure, or been taking care of some tasks for Korvin...

I doubt Korvin would be able to train him in Carousing while not getting drunk. :slight_smile:

Otherwise he can follow me around and learn Princeps duties.

I do not know all of the particulars about the Lotharingian Tribunal but here is what I do know. Some of the Covenants in the north part of the Normandy and Rhine Tribunals are chafing with rules restricting how much interaction they can have with mundanes. They have worked hard to form a new Tribunal so they can have their own rules. So it begs to question that it is easier to form a new Tribunal then to change the rules in an existing one.

Evard de Tours is the chief Redcap for the Normany Tribunal. He currently resides in Cunfin.

Why would the Redcaps want to move to Autun. Because I am here. I support the members of my House by making Longevity Rituals and useful items for the road. Since there are less than 15 Gifted Mercere, we tend to attract Redcaps when we venture out.

Are Jormungand and my dominae...? Yes.

Travel via trees? you will have to look into that. Perhaps you could travel in all areas of a forest. But I think Tria moves via Regios between magic caves. A bit different.

Ulrich thinks this over. "So, if magi don't like the rules in a Tribunal, and they don't have any luck getting the rules changed there, they can start a new Tribunal with rules they do like?" He thinks a bit more. "Is starting a new Tribunal really any easier than changing the rules in the old one?"

"Wouldn't it make more sense for Guernicus to spread out more?"

"Lucky," Ulrich mutters almost under his breath. (ooc – for some reason I picture Tria as looking something like this)

"But not if there are Regios between magic trees, or magic groves."

"We will find out in 6 years" Korvin says with a smile.

"Why is that?"

"Well," Ulrich says as he goes to a blackboard or tablet or some such and doodles. "If I understand right,all the redcaps are in one place, and they have to go to each of the covenants in turn, like so," indicating his craptacular sketch on the board.

"Whereas, if the redcaps were spread out more, they wouldn't have so far to go to deliver messages from one covenant to the other, something like this," and doodles something else.

"See what I mean?"

(yes, I cannot draw for crap, especially on a laptop...don't judge :laughing: )

[ooc: I never understood the question of Ginger or Mary Ann, I mean it is only Mary Ann. Even the question of Ginger and Mary Ann is...questionable. :laughing: ]

I'd like to see all Ulrich's stuff posted here, as far as his season activities, etc. I want to keep a careful watch on him and see how he develops.

Okay. Let's see....for 1221:

  • Spring: Learning Magic Theory from Fiona. Source Quality 16.
  • Summer: Spending the season with Korvin, for 8xp, pending approval on how they're spent.
  • Autumn: Studying at Valnastium, don't know what book we decided to stick under his nose.
  • Winter: Studying Unifying Principles of Our Magic: SQ 17.

Haven't made any plans for him for 1222 yet, I figured somebody would find something for him to do.

In absence of a demurral, assume I respond in the affirmative. That's fine.

Refresh my memory, my PMs aren't going that far back. I thought we'd had something selected for him...

Ah...apparently we had, and I either missed it or thought it was referring to Fiona.

So, a Great Works of Source Quality 12, then? or 12+his InHe Spont CS, which would be 16?