The Visitor (Spring 1235)

Underwater spells may be the key.. Johan's stupid restrictions cause too many problems. I am figuring on having Roberto invent Lungs of the Fish in Winter after we get back from Giza, then Leap of Homecoming in Spring (and the Visitor arrives in mid or late spring). Then Rescue the Princess in Summer and City of Brass in Autumn.

Question: Lungs of the Fish is Touch Range, so I presume this means I can cast it on other people? I can Master LoH to flex or boost it to Touch range, fish lung us all, and we are set to go without needing to depends on Johan.

Of course then we get Warping ...

Yes. Do as you want, really.

Since this is a short side-adventure for roberto, the goal with the feeling of urgency is to have him, maybe a few other magi (acutus is a wonderful idea I didn't think about), but little else.

Riad puts his hand to his heart and bows slightly
This is the hero I grew up hearing stories about! Allah willing, with you and your allies at your side, I am sure the dread Attumah and his sea devils won't stand a chance.

Given how rough my outline is, I don't know if this fits perfectly or is a disaster, but thanks anyway! :smiley:

Yes, you can, although you know that Wirth has a MuCo spell that can let you breathe underwater. Should he join you, you should have this covered. And he's not far, since Clara and he relocated to Provence a few years ago. The only problem is that your movements will still be impeded by water, nor won't you be protected against pressure or be able to see underwater (See hermanus lab in Legends of Hermes, IIRC).
When you tried to teleport, it put you at the edge of the regio boundary, which saved your life.

If he could find a way into the Regio, Acutus help would indeed be invaluable in this.

How about this...
In winter, after returning from Giza, Roberto learns Lungs of the Fish. He needs to branch into Aquam. In Spring is Leap of Homcoming. At the end of spring the Visitor arrives. So Summer will be dedicated to this adventure. Autumn is set for City of Brass, though this annual holloween thing throws me for a loop now.

Lucas could do some prep to get some helpful spells and come along if you like. I'd have to give some thought as to what he'd want to learn.


Since the regio appears to be partially closed, but not destroyed (the Handmaiden to Princess Soteira escaped from it, so it's still here), a means to see through Regio Boundaries could help. Hum... Now, in 1234, Arachné still hasn't done all the items she promised Roberto to help him in Mallorca (As the eldest magus there and a Knight of Seneca, she sees him as the de facto leader of the chapterhouse), she could do this for him, although, for coherence's sake, it's probably better if she did something else.

Oh, and Marko, I probably wasn't clear, but, although Riad doesn't understand it, the situation is not so urgent that it seems, and i't'll appear to any learned character that speaks with him of his travels: He went through a lot of stange lands, lived fantastical adventures... too much to be mundane. It appears he was lost for some time in some kind of Regio Network / Faerie Trod with a time dilation effect, so that, even if he spend 1-3 years to reach you (He can't tell, it warped his sense of time), the actual events are way more recent.

In short, the NPC went through a whole heroic quest to reach the mighty mage :smiley: And his story ends when you take up the flame :wink:

Roberto will still want to act as soon as possible. Right now he is waiting for Cidito to return with word from Wirth. We can play that out if you want. He has Wirth scent marked, so should be able to find him no problem. He will naturally arrive unnoticed, like behind him while he is working alone in his lab. Though an Aegis might block him, so maybe he will arrive somewhere nearby outside the Aegis.


No problem. I'd have liked to play this through, but I'm cleaning up my work before vacationing, and it's dreadful, so I'll sweep it (Sorry :frowning: )

You've kept some correspondence with Wirth over the years, so you know that, due to the increased pressure endured by Novus Mane after the Lotharingian Tribunal proposition failed to pass, Clara and he relocated to the Provencal tribunal in order to find a safer place for their family.
They're in (as yet unnamed and undescribed covenant, I'm waiting for F&F to see if something strikes my fancy), so it's quite easy to contact him, especially as Cidito can use mercere portals.

So, Cidito comes back with a simple letter.
I will come.

And so, a week later, as the days lengthen and heat rises, 3 new visitors enter Andorra through the Mercere Portal, all looking like soldiers, burdened with armor. The smallest one, the leanest, too, is the only one devoid of weapons or backpack.
He looks at the guards, his green eyes seemingly piercing through their soul
Wirth of Flambeau. My sodales Roberto is waiting for me.

Groove 8)
The guards send someone and they reurn with Carlos.
[color=blue]Wirth, hail and well met good magus. It has been a few years since we last met, eh?
Carlos acts bold and confident, but inside he is shaking in his boots. He was once used to Wirth's gift, but after seven years that familiarity has worn away. He is now reminded of how naturally intimidating the laconic Apramor magus can be without even trying.
[color=blue]Come with me, I will take you to Roberto
Cidito the cat follows along.
MEOW :smiley:

Wirth turns a disdainful gaze at carlos, looking at him with contempt. With a mocking smirk, he says
Carlos? It is good to see you again. You’ve aged well.
These are Richard and Barbara (and Carlos suddenly realizes one of the tough guys is in fact a woman). Soldiers, both.
But lead the way, please. I believe time runs short.

He reaches down, scratching the cat’s head, and whispers.
My wife does like you. But if you come near my children again, I’ll skin you alive.

(Just assuming cidito was his usual self ^^ I found this a funny scene)

Carlos takes Wirth through the portal to Pere's house in Mallorca, and from there though the regio network to Roberto's lighthouse in Ibiza. There, out in his yard, Roberto is organizing his gear in preparation for this new hastilly prepared expedition. I suppose the network takes you into the tower, so you walk out the front door and his face lights up when he sees Wirth.
Amicus! Though we are ever in correspondence, it has been far too long since we have seen one another. Normandy Tribunal of 28? Yeah. So, how is the family? What else is new? I heard Novus Mane disbanded. What became of the old site?

Wirth smiles in return, and goes to shake hands with Roberto (like this)

Roberto. I agree, it's been too long. Clara sends her regards. She misses you, too. Ed is becoming a man. Trains with the turb, that kind of things. He asks for "Uncle Roberto", wants to be like you.

He walks a little, faces the window, turns again toward Roberto
And he's got a sister. Sophie. She... May be cursed with the gift. Although, for a girl, I guess it truly is a blessing. I am loathe to try and test her, but will have to. You know these things.

He sits partly on a desk, joins his hands, his index before his mouth, pensive.
Novus Mane...
Things went south back there. Lots of raiding, lots of pressure. We just couldn't weather it all. Not without you. And maybe with.
So we had to chose. Especially given Ed's behaviour. The boy wanted to go out with the grogs. The pirates too. Yet, some of them were killed. One day, we'd have had to mourn our son.

We fled. That's it. To Provence. Things are better now. I trained a little with Cassandra Karnak. A Criamon. Trying to shift some of my focus toward Sebastian's school. She helps. She's got this whole thing going on. "Wards can stop a sword, even a sword of strife". It has no magical resistance, she says. But they need to penetrate your parma to stop your fists.
He looks at his clenched fists, seeming lost in his thoughts.

Now, the gang... Iolar went back to her clan. Alieanus... Disappeared. Don't even know if he's still alive. Havlard joined Florum, that claimed the site. Back to square one. Under stringent controls, of course. The others, I don't know. That's about it.

He raises his head, peering into Roberto's eyes
And you? Still with your mermaid princess. Incredible. And now she's got troubles. Tell me more about it.

(Wirth & Roberto meet again after many years)

Uncle Roberto, heh. I have hopes of one day becoming "Pappa Roberto", which is why I have put of Longevity for far too long. If it wasn't for my Familiar and the Bronze Cord, I'd be a wreck!
Training with the turb, eh? Excellent. That is how I was trained when I was an apprentice. Taught me important lessons about duty and courage, as well as the value of the lives of these soldiers that constantly throw themselves in harm's way in service to the magi. Too many of our Order treat grogs as fodder and disposable collateral. They are people, human beings, no more or less worthy of life than any of the rest of us.
All night sentry duty did suck though. I don't miss that at all.

As for your daughter, my sympathies. It is indeed a curse. One that I have suffered from most all of my life. Oddly, it never affected my parents. I suppose they grew accustomed to it while I was an infant, or perhaps it didn't flare up until after I was driven to become a homeless orphan. Love has subdued the Magical Air, but recently it flared up again. Caused me to panic. I'll get to that in a minute.
But as far as Sophie, if she is cursed with the Gift, I will pledge to you that I will help train her. Your apprentice, my apprentice, co-apprentice; it matters not. You are my brother, and I will share your burden.
As for the pirates, I haven't mentioned anything to Junior yet. But what of the town and the people? Are his parents alright? He idolizes his father, Johan Senior. But even more so he loves his mother Betty. In fact, that is the only woman he loves or trusts. If something happened to her, the kid would go nuts!

Now, as for my troubles and why I called for your assistance. It has been a hard relationship. We hardly ever see each other, brief passionate meetings between seasons and obligations. I left Mons Electi so I could e closer to her, which is why I am here on Ibiza. I had no idea that there were other Hermetic magi in the area. But there is some joint project between Barcelona Covenant and this one that I have joined, Covenant of Andorra. Interesting place, fascinating history. I have been told that their history has something to do with the history of my lineage. But you know me, I talk out my dorsum orafice a lot and pretend I know what I am talking about. But secret history and such really doesn't hold a lot of interest for me. I make up Delendos stories all the time to illustrate a point, patterned after the fashion in which Santiago used to. My parens, Joel, he could have cared less. So really, I know almost nothing about these links and such.
Anyway, moved here to be closer to Princess Soteria. Not everything i want it to be but still far more than I ever imagined. Through her I have found true love and it has tamed my Gift to become Gentle. There are frustrations though. She is a princess after all, noble sovereign of her city of Heracleion. Always busy. And her father, King Triton, does not approve of his daughter marrying a land dwelling air breathing mortal. Still, she gives me everything she can and more than I could ever expect.
Recently though, the Gentleness of my Gift started to flicker. Quite disturbing, especially since I had long grown used to my new found social freedom. Carlos didn't flinch and Johan never cares about proper society. But these new guys, stalwart soldiers I have made friends with like Antoni and Miquel, they were not expecting it and reacted poorly. As is to be expected. We were close by, so I cast Seven League Stride to go to the Airy Court of Herecleion and see if anything could be wrong. As I said, I am sure that this Gentle Gift is linked with our True Love. I fared that she had spurrned me, or even worse that some disaster had befallen her.
But I couldn't access the regio! Previously, teleporting across the boundary was not a problem. This time it was. I almost drowned! Anyway, we finished the mission that I almost ruined, and went to the lab. Invented Lungs of the Fish and Leap of Homecoming, preparing myself to deal with this situation. Then this visitor arrived. A Moor named Riad from lands south of Heracleion. I presume he means the coast of North Africa, not sure. Could be a regio into another land. He told a tale of grand adventure and struggle to find me. An evil villain named Attumah and his evil sea jinn has over thown Heracleion, imprisoned my beloved, and apparently killed king Triton! I have vowed on my life to strike this sea devil down, free my beloved, and liberate her city.
That is why I need your help. I am humble enough to admit that even I, as bold and confident as I am, may need assistance. This isn't about my pride, it is about protecting and saving the innocent and the woman I love. I need help. I am too new here to demand assistance from his covenant. And even if they were willing to help, which they probably would, they have too much going on in other respects. We are planning a trip to the fabled City of Brass, and this excursion would distract them. And I am not all that confident in the martial powers of these other magi. The pontifex is a one-trick pony with her lightning bolt, but she doesn't know how to fight and her magic is mainly focused on her specialization with weather and sky. There is another Flambeau maga here who is a promising prospect, Vibria the dragon's daughter. Grand daughter? Niece? Something like that. She has a reputation for being wanton, but I have seen no evidence of that. This Bonisagus maga, Fleur, she is the wanton one and yet no one seems to care!
But Vibria is too young and inexperienced. And she was just recently injured in a lab explosion. Plus my main transport will be Johan, and you know he has issues with women passengers.
There is only one person I know who has the skill and strength to help me, to whom I feel close enough to be confident in and whom I can humble myself to in order to plead.
That would be you, Wirth. My brother in spirit, my amicus in truth. Help me. Please, I beg of thee, I cannot do this alone.

A smirk
Heh. Noticed you'd gained some weight :wink:
It would be good if you had children. I'd like for our boys and girls to grow together.

Wirth pauses, looks at Roberto right in the eye
So be it. It'd be a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you, my friend. This means a lot. Should this be her fate, we'll share her training. Make her a fine maga worthy of her parenses :smiley:

Wirth sighs
That's the bad news. I didn't want to go there. They... suffered from the attacks we endured. Some wounded, a few killed. His cousin is a limp now.
He pauses, tense, lost in memories
But don't worry him. Last I heard, they were all ok. With our failure, things have settled down. Florum ensured it. Given a few years to settle down, they'll probably thrive again. You know them, fighters all.

While roberto tells his story, wirth says nothing, intensely focused on his friend's tale

He raises an eyebrow, but stays silent.

You are stupid.
You should know it. I need no reason to come and help you. And especially not begging. Only the knowledge that you need me. The moment you asked for my help, you had it. I know you. If you need me, it's not to go hunting flowers.

Now, the information is interesting. You should have asked for me before, I'd have prepared more.
Sea Jinns, we'll need Perdo Vim magics. I know some. And luckily, I invented a spell to breathe underwater.

Thing is, we are sorely lacking important informations.
Not that boy's fault, he probably can't know. How many opponents will we face? Do we have allies there? What happened to your beloved? I suppose you've got no way to contact her, or get a fix on her location. Is there a mundane way to enter the regio? I'll need you to draw a map of Heracleion. We need to know the layout of the land. Do some recon, get some info. We can't fly blind in there. Or swim.

I shall not deny my foolishness. Brother, I am worried, and fear is an unfamiliar emotion to me. And I wanted to emphacize how humbled I feel right now.
Johan can sail underwater and get us close. I also inveted a water breating spell, in reaction to my recent near drowning. We will need an agent or to disguise ourselves so we can recon the area and gather intelligence. I can draw a crude map, though I have not explored the whole city nor am I that good of an artist. As for allies, the sea people of Riad and the tritons of the city will certainly aid us, but I would not count on their strength. Yet they will be most invaluable and helpful in many ways. We do need a spy or an agent of some sort.

Let us go speak with Riad
And I ask Riad all of the questions Wirth asked me.
How many opponents will we face? Do we have allies there? What happened to my beloved? Is there a mundane way to enter the regio? I'll need you to draw a map of Heracleion. What assistance can your people offer?

(Still on vacation, but don't forget you have a Sharkman willing to go with you)

Lucas is also willing to help out with this. He's not all that proficient in combat magics. But he has the advantage of not needing to use gestures or words to cast his spells, which could be very useful underwater.

In addition, I've worked it so that many of his spells are Sight-ranged spells, not Voice-ranged spells. I'm not sure if we'll be able to talk while in the water, which might give Voice-ranged spells a very, very short range.

He also has a season free to learn a good offensive spell.

Sharkman may well be the answer! Roberto's concern is that you are young and inexperienced, but necessity can make him see the light :wink:
As for Lucas, well, I would hate to get you killed. Are you sure you are up for this?