The Voyage home (fall 1220)

Wherin Tallus and Paphos find themselves in Pisa following a cart ride from Harco.

"Well, if we can't get to Venice," Talus says to Paphos. "And I can understand that it's too great a distance to get there. I should at least like to see if I can find some examples of Venetian glass to look at while we're in Pisa. We should be close enough for some samples to be in the better shops. Then we should proceed to the purchases that you recommend."

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The Voyage Home "Everybody remember where we parked the car!"

Technically you can see Venitian glass in Malta, though there is a lot of breakage during the acquisition...

Hmmm, I see a new magic item in our future.

MuTe 10 The Glass that Breaks no More
Base: MuTe 1, change a single property of earth
R: Touch, +1 mag
D: Moon, +3 mag
T: Ind
+1 Magnitude to affect glass
x extra levels for additional uses/day
This item changes the brittleness of a single earth, stone, or glass item of individual size or less to that of wet clay, (i.e. not at all brittle). A level 10 effect would only be useable 1/day, but if you were shipping large quantities, you could use a level 15 group effect, or simply add levels for more use/day.

Ignore me, I'm just thinking aloud.

There is a lab text in the covenant library for that in fact I think.

heh, I think you're right!

"Well then, Paphos," Talus says. "Shall we see when we might catch a ship in the direction of Malta? Then we can figure out how much time we have for everything else."

Yes, that sounds ideal; our purchases should not take more than a few hours, leaving any other time for exploration.

It is evening now, the next ship will leave at the break of dawn, and only sails by daylight. The next available one that is willing to sail by night will leave in three days.

Three days sounds ideal to me; we can have a few days to look around. Maybe we can find some useful grogs to recruit

Anyone need an intro? I think we are short on companions right now.

"Pisa would likely be a good place to find some promising recruits," Talus agrees. "What sort of people are you looking for. As you say, if we have a few days we might as well put them to good use."

OOC: What is the protocol for creating and recruiting grogs when in a story?

Protocol right now has been poorly defined because we had people with requisite grogs joining late- at this point I'm feeling like the 'recruitment drive' approach should be done and there be a real story attached with people being brought into the covenant- basically create a grog and I will devise a way they are in trouble and add them to a story. Right now I don't think (but could be wrong) that we have any grogs needing to be added. I may create some grogs myself to be added at some point...

The city is bustling with merchants and shipping crews, and of course talk- talk of the Emporer Fredrick II, and the anarchists at Lucca. As you sit outside eating your breakfast the next morning, you spot a young woman with dark skin running barefoot down the street, shouting in Arabic "please help me! Hide me!"

Talus sees the young woman rushing down the street, but can't understand what she's saying. He can tell she's panicked, but not what about. He looks over at Paphos, gesturing at the woman. "Can you understand what she's shouting about?" He looks around to see how others are reacting to the woman. Surely this couldn't be a regular occurrence in Pisa.

Most seem to be giving her a wide berth, some ignore her, and some are looking down the road to see who might be chasing her. everyone else is expressly not getting involved.

Paphos will motion her over and step in front of her, partially obscuring any view. "She needs help hiding, do you have an illusion, or a quick escape? To the woman, "Quick, are there people after you, what is your name?

"I am Kawthar, the man in black is chasing me, they say I belong to him."

OOC: We had a long discussion in a different game about concentration spells in talismans with multiple uses per day. The conclusion there was that with Touch range, multiple uses, and concentration maintained by the talisman an instilled power could be cast on anyone and then the spell maintained at a distance. Before acting here I wanted to see if that was silveroak's interpretation or whether he interprets the use of talismans in that way more restrictively. What do you say, silveroak?

I ask because I have Image Phantom in my talisman.

I would concur, however when it comes to sunrise or sunset you would be unable to maintain concentration on more than one casting, and the others would expire.