The Way The Wind Blows

The Gun Schtick named The Way The Wind Blows says just "Instead of a penalty under adverse conditions, you get a +2 attack bonus." (The wording is slightly different on the Archer Archetype, but functionally the same.)

There are several Martial Arts Schticks that are similar to that, but all are radically inferior. Generally each of these Martial Arts versions protect against exactly 1 subtype of adverse condition, such as just Extreme Heat or just Torrential Rain or just Confined Space, and also to activate the +2 attack bonus for a fight, you have to pay Chi.

So by comparison they objectively suck, and yet it seems like the Martial Arts versions are far more interesting from a GM's perspective. They allow different characters to shine depending on the situation. If one PC is immune to Heat and another is immune to Confined Spaces, that immediately suggests two different fights that will be real interesting, and stand out as unique. If instead all the Gun-based PCs are immune to everything, then what's the point of trying to use the environment at all?

It makes me wonder if maybe "The Way The Wind Blows" was supposed to specify that it only affects the specific adverse condition of High Winds, and that line got deleted somehow.

Am I crazy?

I'm thinking of houseruling that schtick so that it only affects High Winds myself. It's useful not only for archers, but also snipers, who often have to take wind into account when landing those long-range shots.