The White Ship Disaster, 25 Nov 1120

In recognition of The White Ship which sank 25 November 1120:

In the world of Ars Magica, perhaps something else was afoot...


This could lead to an interesting early setting in England, say around 1100 or 1120 so that the events happen while the game is ongoing.

Or you would weave some personally designed elements related to the events into an ongoing game. Maybe there was a secret cabal behind it that attempted to gain some power. Maybe they are behind other strange events. But who are they? What do they really want?

I seem to remember that the fanzine "Peripeheral Code" carried a full adventure centered around this.


Indeed! “The Mutability of Otherworldly Fortunes” is an adventure based around the White Ship, written by Jim Seals. It’s in PC #2.