Theban Tribunal Meeting 1221

So, I'm trying to run a game session set during the Tribune meeting of 1221. One of the big subjects will be the sudden conquest of the Constantinople by the Kingdom of Nicea but I'm trying to think of what some of the other issues might be worthy of attention. Looking for ideas and possible story seeds for my players to involve themselves in. Thanks

Do you have a sense of the characters’ interests? Definitely helps to play to those.

Perhaps a Bonisagus, maybe from outside the tribunal, wants to study the ritual and the lake that feeds the covenant patrons.

A group of magi could want to form a new covenant. Maybe they already did, they’re from outside the Tribunal and didn’t follow the proper local protocol but there are citizens who support it for some reason.

A covenant (probably not one of the defined ones) with an important purpose hasn’t shown up to the Tribunal meeting. They seemed alright the last time a Redcap visited. My first Theban saga our young magi stumbled upon a covenant devoid of magi whose mission was to help keep Porphyris asleep (Porphyris is a titan supposedly buried underneath the island of Nisyros near Kos).

Just to mention a few ideas without knowing the proclivities of the characters.


Technically, Nicea captured Constantinople in 1261. I know because I did a bit of a timeline for a Theban campaign.

As for issues, while some of the Covenants in the lands of the muslim invaders have up and left, some of those remaining seem to find a friendly and even encouraging environment, maybe they try to make the muslims seem less bad? or maybe someone has stumbled that they have in effect struck some bargain with the muslims, and it causes a spark?
And how about those Christian Magi who have formed a Covenant without a Patron in the city? And the tensions between Greek Magi and Latin Magi?

  • Rivalry between catholic newly arrived mages who come from Vis poor French and Italian Tribunals, seeking Eastern riches riding the coat-tails of their mundane countrymen.

  • Similarly to the above, the difference in how mundanes and hermetic culture interact might well be clashing. The mundanes who learned from their cousins in France how to interact with Magi in Normandy could well have a different way of going about it than the Greek magi.

  • Some kind of Infernal threat, or the suspicion thereof.

  • It seems like a dragon from the Transylvanian Tribunal is breaching the pax draconis, but only in the Theban Tribunal, in a way that does not technically does not violate its oaths.

  • The hermetic response to the new Sultan of Rum, and in particular the rumour that he has some kind of magic user in his court helping him (up to you whether it is a shaman, a hedge mage or the order of Suleiman reaching out).