Thebes summer 1203

Throughout the tribunal in the spring of 1203 comes news of an invasion, crusaders from Venice have turned mercenary, and are warring against Constantinople.

When news of this reaches Apollon he begins asking about whether it means anything to us "safe under the ocean." For some unknown reason the idea of war up above makes him nervous.

"Hmm? Well yes, it can. Not directly, our needs are taken care of by the magic of our location, and they obviously aren't going to invade here, but people we rely upon on the surface might be killed, communications with the rest of the order could be disrupted. It means our prices on certain things are likely to go up. In theory of course we could prevent the whole mess, ships are easy to intercept, but of course the code prohibits this." Lucien replies. "Though I believe we could go to Olympus again and ask the gods to intervene." Dawn does not seem to think this is a good idea.

Apollon is too excited about going back to notice Dawn’s disapproving look. “Yes, we could ask my father.”

Dawn mutter "This will not end well."
continued in return to Olympus (Thebes 1203)