These games look interesting! Feedback from any clubs?

Most of these games I have not seen at either of my local stores, but the birthday box offer got me looking and several things look very interesting! Anyone have a club like to share what their favorites are? It will help me decide what ones to try first. These are the ones that caught my eye at first glances.

  • RPG style: Dungeoneer looks good because good RPG style games are hard to find-- esp if you dont want to play for hours on end (might as well really RPG in that case!) Tribunal also looks like a fun alternative-- and even at the top time of 90 minutes would be shorter than any game of runebound I have seen played. The box art is really nice.

  • Ren Fair looks awesome, and I would love to share that with my sister club, a medieval historical group. They will get a laugh over it! Any rennies here?

-Mad Scientist University--- with two Universities with research departments and a private college in our fairly small area, a lot of our gamers are involved in sciences of some kind. This looks like a blast in theme.

-Spammers looks also hilarious in theme for all the technological crowd!

-Letterhead looks to be a fun twist on word games, ones like Quiddler are popular light games, this could be a great addition since there are several game variants included.

I also remember seeing somewhere a game here for improv group discussion and persuasive stories, but I can't find it again. Maybe its just too late :slight_smile: but some of our more verbal folks love such improv games and they tend to generate a lot of outlandish laughter. Once upon a time could be sort of like that I think, but I thought there was another one.

And I wish I were in a RPG group just so I could use the Dork20 RPG cards! I will definately pass the existance of those on to other folks who are in campaigns, it looks like a real treat.

Pieces of Eight looks intriguing, but not sure how it works. I will have to check it out on Board Game Geek to see more of how the mechanics work. I have never seen a coin game before that wasn't more akin to dreidal sort of things.

Gloom is the only game I have seen in stores, and we have actually played it and have some real fans of the game. It bodes well for the other products.

I can't wait to see what is in my package, and then to try some of these other games. But feedback on folks' experiences would be fun!

I've played Ren Fair a few times and found it to be very entertaining. Depending upon the talents of the individual players, however, it can take awhile for a winner to emerge. It's never come up with us, but some of the reviewers have complained that it can become repetitive relatively quickly.

I play Gloom, Lunch/Beer Money, OTE, Mad Scientist University. Have failed to learn Ren Fair, Lets Kill, or Dungeoneer Yet, but I play a lot of different stuff so it spreads me thin.
But I have enjoyed every game title Ive learned from Atlas this includes there BGs and Roleplaying stuff

Well I made time to learn Renfare so I could demo it at a con and love it. My take is its one of those crazy party games that creates interaction between players. No I could not touch my tongue to my nose but had fun trying.

I can't recommend Dungeoneer enough. My game group has been playing games like this for years, mostly having experience in the heavier type games like "Descent" and "Arkham Horror". Dungeoneer is a real sigh of relief and makes for a quicker and more even game.

The idea of having each hero be the "overlord" each turn really makes for a great dynamic.

Dungeoneer was my first Atlas game, I've recently purchased Gloom. The customer support at Atlas can not be beat either (my Gloom deck was missing two cards, they mailed them to me free of charge in 2 days). I've been eyeing up Lunch Money recently too...