theurgist problems

I got some questions today from a player, regarding Hermetic Theurgy.
He claimed that the spell spirits bit was pretty obvious - no problems there.

But the Daimons!
how much do you need to know before you start inventing a pact-spell for one?
Just heard about it? Secret True Name? somewhere in between?

more to the point, do hermetic theurgist always have the True Names for the spirits they wish to invoke?
Do they need them? How does that all work?

Do you have RoP: M?

It's not very clear in MTRE but p. 102 of RoP: M seems to me to indicate that you need the True Name to summon a Daimon (it being often the only available AC).
However the True Names appear easy to aquire - most cults dealing with Hermetic Theurgy should have an extensive collection and probably other sources should be available as well. The Daimons do not really appear to have reason to hide them particularly well.

Many Daimons WANT their names to be found, or at least for there to be ACs so that people can form pacts with them. (Mysteries) They should be very easy to find for anyone with connections to that brand of magic.

If no name is available, some Daimonic cults may have fixed other ACs to altars, idols or statuets for the purposes of such pacts, without exposing the True Name of the Daimon.

Just page-ing through RoP: I and came across the rules for demonic True Names (p. 34-35).
I'd probably just use the same for magic daimons.

Hmm... I thought I had already seen rules for magic daimons in TMRE or ROP:M?

In any case it sounds perfectly kosher to me :slight_smile: