Things that have bugged me... bugged me bad!

Fixing Arcane Connections... I mean, come on, it takes a season and a Vim vis? Why an entire season? Why so long? Most connections don't even last that long? Why should Arcane Conenctions take so incredibly much time and effort? Yes, yes... balance and all that, but using balance as an explanation seems sorta like cheating. Would it not make more sense with mayhaps "You can fix one Arcane Connection per point of Magic Theory in a season"? And so you can split the work, Say you have a Magic Theory of 3 and you want to fix one Arcane Connection, then you spend the first month fixing it, and the second and third month doing other things. The same with the Verditius Inner Mystery of Quality Items. Those also take a season to make. Why an entire season? Making a Quality wooden flute, can't POSSIBLY take as long as making a Quality Long Ship? The same with opening items for enchantment. If i can use 16 pawns of vis in a season, why should i have to muck around using an entire season opening something that requires only 5?

Meh... it bugs me it does!


We've tossed about changes in the fixing arcane connections in our group...
Some of which are;
*Fix number of conections equal to magic theory or multiple of (ie:1/2 or 2)

*fix 2x MT of +3 connection, MT of +2 conections, 1/2MT of +1 connections

*fix connections by raising penetration multipliers of conections, can raise points equal to magic theory or multiples of(eg: a +1 connection needs 3 points to raise to arcane,+4. So with a magic theory of 6 I could fix 2 +1 conections a season. Six +3 connections or any combination inbetween)

Personally I like option 3...