Thinking of adding some 'new' spell parameters

One of the magi of the covenant of my upcoming game is a Bonisagai who will eventually be chosen for the Colentes Arcanorum, so I've been thinking up some things that might be sent her way for consideration of inclusion in the Folios.

Two of which are a pair of 'new' spell parameters, parameters I've missed having from previous editions.

Range: Near. Anything within fifteen paces of the caster.
Same Range level as Voice, but with a fixed range and without the greater range of a shouted Voice range spell. Useful for those spells that you want to cast quietly/silently but aren't skilled enough to throw at Range Sight.

Duration: Season. The spell lasts until the next equinox or solstice after casting.
Same Duration level as Year, without the Ritual requirement. For when Moon Duration isn't long enough, but you can't justify blowing vis and a couple hours on a Ritual.

Are there any game-breaking ramifications implied by these parameters? Personally, I can't really think of any.

I like 'em. In fact, I think I might be borrowing those for my own next saga.

Other than Near range spells being castable silently, as you mention, I don't see any game breaking issues.

Range: Near was a thing I was actually glad to get rid of when going from 4th to 5th. I'm not calling it game-breaking to be able to cast silent spells at this range, but I like that you'll have to beef up the R:Voice spells to Sight to do this.

But Duration: Season I like a lot. It's a thing I've introduced as well in a previous saga, where I had split House Merinita into a Fearie and a Nature House, and expanded the Nature Mysteries to include new parameters (like faerie magic has as well). And Season seemed apporpriate for nature oriented spells.

I thought some more, related to this. I thought make a list of possible Breackthroughs and some of them are of this type.
New Range: Shadow - Similar to Touch (Voice?), affect to the objetct that should be touched by the Caster's Shadow.
(New Virtue - Forest Magic)
Range: Clearing/Forest Boundary - Similar to Voice Rank (+2), this Range affect in a similar way to Road, you can use the Limit of a Forest or Clearing in that you are to cast spells.
Range: Grove - Similar to Sight (+3), you can cast spells in something inside a forest that you are. It works like Water-way or Crossroads.
Target: Forest - Similar to Structure or Body of Water (+3). It can need Size moification.
A forest is determinated by a group of trees of same family, this is, like a Bloodline, or the grooup of trees that are continuous (you need less that a Diameter to go of one to another walking).
Durtion: Natural Season - Similar to Moon (+3), this affects since the leaf drop to the first sprouts or since the blooming to the bounty.
Duration: Bounty - Similar to Year (+4), this affects since the last actual natural event like the leaf drop or the first sprout to the next. Ritual.
The Duration only works in Herbam Targets (This could use this Duration over anothers Forms if the Objective should be a Herbam, like protect a Plant over duration warding the pests or the Fire, or Changing his Images, should be a Requisite or Formulaic Requisite)

Oooh, I like this! Great for the creepy/diabolical types. As part some Virtue, I can see it being equivalent to Touch, as a standalone breakthrough, I'd be more inclined toward Voice equivalent.

I also like this, a lot! However I think Touch is too low an equivalent level, I'd support Voice.

They work just fine. I use "Rod"(equal to Voice) as an unrestricted ~5m Range and "Actus"(equal to Sight) as an unrestricted ~35m Range, then "Stadium" at ~185m, "Near"(because i couldnt find a suitable real measure) at 600m, "Milliarium" at ~1.5km and "League" at 5.5km...

Oh im definetly picking up that one.

Before implementing this you might want to look through some of the alternative Durations from things like Faerie Magic. This is very similar to, but due to Vis costs I would say better than, one of Spell Timing's bonuses. If I were you I would be very careful not to destroy certain virtues. If this is the only one, that's not much. But if you do a bunch of these you may be essentially handing out a bunch of virtues for free. I could see a player who chose a Merinita to get into the fun Range/Duration/Target changes being unhappy if they become available to everyone without needing to go through all the Mystery stuff.


Ah, Spell Timing! See? This is why I brought this to the board. I knew someone would think of something from a book I've barely started reading!
Personally, I don't think Spell Timing's Season duration should have a Ritual requirement, and I'd leave Spell Timing's Season Duration at Moon equivalent. Plus Spell Timing's version has that additional 'held' effect. So, IMC, Spell Timing's version would be somewhat better.

Believe me, I'm trying to remain cognizant of such things while I dick around with the system, not that I plan to do much of that. House rules are almost as hard to keep track of as the core rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would keep it equivalent to Touch. While it can reach to a longer range than Touch, it requires quite a bit of fiddling around with light sources, and it's completely unusable in a number of circumstances. In this regard, it shares many similarities with Eye range.

Yes, truly the Shadow should be naturaly created and I didn't say anything about that if the caster could use without see the target, then it still limited by the "Arcane Conexion Limit".

That's the beauty of this system; your magi can influence magic theory and its application. And as a troupe, you get to decide how far from the vanilla rules you're happy to go.

And I'd have no trouble supporting a new Near range. Or Shadow.