Thirty Monsters for November

1: The Golgothan Dancers: ... .com/11535
2: The Queen of the Sable Rivers: ... he-sewers/
3: The Great Artefact: ... he-sewers/

4: Hysteria demon - ... .com/11905

Links 1 and 4 connect to blank pages.

Odd: they work for me. I'll look into it, thanks.

1 tries to push me through to my own wordpress page to start a new post. 2 works just fine.

for me as well.

Same here. (no. 4 works just like no. 1 - and the URLs are structured similarly.)

So, clearly one a day is not working.

Much as I started Cornwall and it swelled out over time, I think I'll still do the 30 monsters, but I think it may take me a couple of months. Watch this sapce as time becomes available to fill them out.

To try and fix the original links: ... n-dancers/ ... he-sewers/ ... -hysteria/

The new links are successful! Though I wonder what caused the connection error the first time...

I think they were actually link to the wrong location - look at the difference in the URLs :slight_smile:

You're doing OK I think.


  1. The demon of the ebony frame: ... ony-frame/

Thank you.

6: The Orange with an evil laughter in its heart - the least of the Furies: ... he-orange/

I'm really enjoying making these little demons. When writing monsters, it's always tempting to make them more powerful: suitable to fight a group of magi. These little demons can be defeated by a grog of stout heart, and so you can use them in little stories, of as servants of a more powerful creature.

7: The President of the Exiles' Club: ... iles-club/
So, this isn't a little demon at all, but he uses them in his schemes, so he seemed an obvious addition to the current run of demons. He re-uses the Egyptian living statue rules.

8: Dunsany's puritanical devil ... cal-devil/

9: Ash-tree spiders: ... tatistics/

  1. Chaucer's demonic bailiff : ... tatistics/
  1. Canon Alberic's Familiar: ... -familiar/
  1. The Ribboned Revener: ... g-revener/
  1. Efygia, the All-Consuming Patroness. ... patroness/