Thoughts on the Gift of Vigor

Hi guys, My mind wandered last night, and on its travels it chanced upon this idea.
Using the Gift of Vigor in enchanted devices.

I found some topics on the forum:
Expanding the limits of Gift of Vigor

In this topic there are several arguments that TGoV cant be used in an enchanted device, because the device itself doesn't have any stamina to give. I was considering some grogs with swords enchanted with TGoV activated by the blade touching flesh. When they touch an enemy the enemy "activates" the item and gives a fatigue level to the sword owner, but this idea looks unworkable .

I then thought about using it in the familiar bond, so with a little research I came onto this topic.
Gift of Vigor and familiars

Animal fatigue levels are different to human fatigue levels...

Of course, we could make the familiar take on human shape...

But, what about an apprentice with a casting tablet? After all, even if they only have weak arts they can cast it as long as they get within 20 of the casting total.
Now, a magus can make a lvl 20 casting tablet, then use their Penetration ability (and multipliers) to get it through their own Parma.

Assume an author Penetration ability of 4

Base multiplier 1
Permanent AC +4
Targets Nickname +1
Signature of Target +1
That gives a multiplier of 7, so the casting tablet can have a penetration bonus of 28 with a tablet level of 20.

An apprentice with 0 art scores can cast this and lose fatigue... (+1 fatige donated to the magus)

Of course, this means that your little apprentice is walking around carrying those ACs and SCs...

I think... I've never really used Casting Tablets before.

There are probably a complicated solution to this using hermetic magic (without any breakthrough), but the simpler version is probably to hire an alchemist to create a tonic of gold or two ( A&A p.77 ).

This has always frustrated magi, I am sure, but investing it in an item that uses the wielder as the battery to charge up other Magi as the target, I could justify the target and range adjustments. A Verditius will have to work out the details for some future event, much like plans to instill a Ritual into an item via shadow of a human life to interpret the workings of the ritual.