Three Cheers For Master: some confusion over Gravity

I) To start, I'm looking at the "Big Hairy Fight Examples" on page 16 of the game rules... Example 1 ends with "All attacks resolved, gravity settles Minion A." But doesn't Minion A have the flying trait? Shouldn't Minion A remain in the air where they were?

II) Example 3 ends with "Minion C settles by gravity [...]". Does Minion C land safely because (1) it's not weak, (2) it's not wounded (upside-down) and (3) there's no heavy minion above it?

III) Similarly, in the "Gravity Example" on page 15, does Minion B survive because of 1, 2 or 3 above, or because Minion A cushioned its fall?

IV) Finally, (1) if there's a heavy minion atop ANOTHER heavy minion, does the lower heavy minion take a wound if it falls? (I assume so); and (2) if a falling heavy minion happened to be above TWO flying minions, would both flying minions fall and take a wound?

Hi! Thanks for posting these questions.

(I) You're right — Minion A shouldn't fall, because of its Flying ability. I think that probably an earlier version of that example has a non-Flying minion in that slot, and when the graphics were switched around, the example became wrong. Yes, Minion A simply remains in the air.

(II) Yes, yes (although perhaps not relevant), and yes.

(III) Minions that fall only die as a result of falling if they're Weak. (And even then, they actually suffer a wound from falling, as opposed to dying outright. So an Armored, Weak falling minion might survive, it if began the fall in upright position.) Any minion that has a Heavy minion fall on it dies. So, Gravity Example Minion B survived because it fell but wasn't Weak, and did not have a Heavy minion fall on it.

(IV) When a series of Heavy minions that are stacked directly on top of each other falls, it's easiest to conduct the falling one minion at a time, from bottom to top, and apply the "If a Heavy minion falls on another minion, the fallen-upon minion dies" rule in each case, until all minions have fallen. But basically, only the top-most Heavy minion's going to survive such a disaster. If a Heavy minion is above two Flying minions that are not supported, both Flying minions will fall. Again, best to conduct those falls one at a time, bottom to top. The Flying minions in questions would not (necessarily) die, although since most Flying minions are Weak, and Weak minions die when they fall, the survival rate is likely to be very low.

Make sense?

Thanks again!

It does, though I have one more question (sorry!), to check my understanding -- let's say there are three minions stacked up with a heavy minion on top. The bottom minion is attacked and dies. The next minion up (who is not weak and not wounded) so it would fall safely; the minion above it (who is also not weak and not wounded) would also fall safely; but when the heavy minion falls it will kill the minion below it after all -- and then come to rest on the new bottom minion? Or is that another fall for the heavy minion, who then wipes out the bottom minion too?

In that circumstance, the Heavy minion only kills one minion by falling on it, then comes to rest on one surviving minion below it.

That is, Heavy minions don't serially fall, and all at once kill a whole stack of minions that they fall on one at a time.

Great, thanks for the clarification!