Three Cheers for Master

My wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to try this great game at the Geek and Sundry Lounge this past summer. I was expecting it to release before the years end but haven't seen any info about its release. Is there any word on what's going on? I'd love to get my hands on this game and share it with other people in my area and my local game store.

Great to hear from you!

We, too, were hoping that it would be released before the end of 2014, but were just not able to make it happen. Happily, our new game producer Kyla Tonding ( ... -team.html) was able to push the game out the door, and I'm happy to report that it's now at the printer. We're expecting that it will release in March.

To sign up for notifications about its progress toward release, you can fill out the form on our Three Cheers for Master Page:


In additional 3C4M news, we're going to be promoting the game with a unique expansion that will be released in conjunction with International TableTop Day on April 11. I can't say anything more about that just yet, but watch our blog for details as they become available.


I too really enjoyed playing this game at comic one 2014. I have pre-ordered the game on Amazon. It was set for a March 31st ship date. Apparently the end of March date is no longer valid. Is there an update on when this game will be available? Amazon had no idea when I asked them (btw).

We expected this game to release in March, but its tour through the factory took longer than we anticipated. In late March, we were expecting it at customs in Chicago on 4/1, but that estimate was revised to 4/16 when we learned (on 4/2) that the shipment hadn't made it. We suspect this is related to the delays in recent months at the Port of Los Angeles, but that's a guess on our part.

That's where we stand right now. If all goes well, our shipment arrives in Chicago on 4/16, and it clears customs without too much delay, we think it's possible that the game will start making its way into the sales channel around the end of April. Obviously, there's lots that can go wrong, so we appreciate all the patience we can get as we near the finish line.

Watch our blog for more information ( — we'll post there when we know more.