Three Dungeoneer Rule Question... ???

In the Dungeonlord Phase:
--......"A.Attack: Play all the Encounter cards that your opponents have enough Peril to fund, in the order in which they'll be engaged."

[b]Q1: Is it means that I am forced to play as many Encounter cards as I can as long as the situation allow me to do so? Can I keep card for next few round even there is enough Peril point for playing it in current round?[/b]

In Optional Advanced Rules:
--Campaign Adventures:
"...... This style of play works best with 3 or more players."

[b]Q2: Is there a maximum of the number of players? How many players is the best?[/b]

In Optional Advanced Rules:
--Campaign Adventures:
----Dungeonlord Phase:
------B: Adventure:
"......However, during the Response step of combat heroes in any attacking monster's space may be assigned to defend against the monsters their players choose; the Dungeonlord only determines the attack order......."

[b]Q3: I don't really understand its meaning. Could anyone explain it funther for me? Maybe with a example...[/b]

Thanks a lot!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Q1: you are never forced to play anything, only play things you want to play whenever you get the choice to and whenever there are peril points to spare. it is very cool to save trap cards to make a low level char with lots of peril suffer alot.

Q2: 2-4 players are welcomed on the normal rule play but for the advance campain to work properly 3-4 players are required since one will always play the Dungeonlord part and 2 other heroes will play.

Q3: this reffers to when a monster attacks and there are 2 players on the same map card, players choose which hero will intercet the attck and begin combat but the dungeonlord will decide what type of attack whether a melle or magic attck that will be.