Three Puissant Art virtues

Hello, i'm just starting with Ars Magica 5th ed and there some rules points that i'm not sure about and that i couldn't find the answer in the errata.

The first one is about the houses which give a free Puissant Art virtue. Are they allowed to take the virtue Puissant Art twice during their virtues choice or not?

You can take Puissant Art 2 times but only for diferent Arts. This rule is clearly mentioned in the Cure Rule Book at page 48.
So if you get it once free from your House you be limited to ony one other.
Puissant Abiity in oposit can be taken as many times you want for different abillitys.

Thanks, i was wondering if the free one had to be taken in account in this limit.

You'll see this issue crop up more in another spot: Tremere and Magical Foci (via Mythic Blood, Minor Magical Focus, or Major Magical Focus). The issue isn't so bad for Puissant Art since you can still take Affinity w/ Art. And if you want enough Puissant/Affinity, maybe you're better off with something else (like Book Learner). After all, they're designed for focus, and taking many of them tends to mean a lack of such focus, though not necessarily.