Through the Aegis PDF

When will the PDF version of this be available? I ask because I'm going to be playing this online, and the paper copy is far less useful for that then the PDF version.


IIRC Atlas releases PDF versions of books 1 year after the paper version is published.
So unfortunately it seems you have a long wait ahead of you.

It's their business, their call, of course, but that would be a shame. I'd buy the paper copy now if they gave out free PDFs like Pelgrane Press, but not if I'd just have to buy the book again when the PDF finally comes out. Thanks, though.

I am torn, as always. I prefer PDFs so I can refer to them on my tablet, but my fiance doesn't like reading stuff on computer, so we like having hard copies. Alas! It's like Sophie's Choice, except not.

We've just released Hooks on PDF, slightly late, since it was supposed to be released at the same time as Through the Ages. The next PDF release is Faith & Flame, once Thrice-Told Tales comes back from the printer and out to distribution.

Which actually brings up something I've been meaning to ask: What happens to the release schedule for the last four books? Has there been any discussion on this as yet?

There is no part of that sentence I don't like.

Through the Aegis is available as Pdf on Warehouse23.
Just grabbed a copy.

Thanks. I wasn't expecting it for another month or two.

Also for those who like the Pdfs - Thrice-Told Tales is available in pdf at Warehouse 23. Just got mine.

Yay. I think I need to update my pdf library soon then. While I like the real books, and use them a lot I still use the pdfs when I'm away for gaming sessions. I need a complete set of both!

Just here to say how much I enjoyed working on that book. Certainly one of my favourites across the line. Great value!

Yup, that was a great project. It was a really fun thing to write and develop. I hope some people find it useful.

fyi - for those who like the Pdfs - Lands of the Nile is available in pdf at Warehouse 23.

Dies Irae is available as Pdf now too.

Already? it is so fast those days.

Yep, loving the speed; and DI is friggn dense material too. Really enjoying it.