Through the Aegis & The Oracles of Didyma

Just curious,

I have a campaign/saga I have been GMing for 2 years now, where the players started in Loch Leaglean Tribunal as 8 year olds and after 8 months in RL (playing once every week) did their gauntlets and then moved to Theban Tribumnal where they settled on Samos.

In TtA a new covenant pops up in Didyma which is an Autumn Covenant. If possible, I would like to know a little about this covenant to see if this book is worth buying for me, or if this book and this covenant will be near to impossible for me to implement. Because the players have spent close to 15 years on Samos and having an old covenant just a few miles away seems illogical.

So please tell me a little about this covenant.

As my players have already been to Didyma and I did not have a covenant there then, is it possible if you read TtA and have a story that they might be the remnants of The Court of Fools (tSE: page 23). It seems that from what I can read in the index of TtA that Didyma is oracles/soothsayers as were the Court of Fools and the houses appears to fit as well.

Now I do not say that it is so, I just need an excuse to put an old covenant into a place that was previously unoccupied.

Didyma is the Autumn example, fairly powerful with a good library, trading and other mundane ties to Miletos, a nearby mainland port city, but relatively light Hermetic ties. The Oracles are approached by both magi and mundanes. There are two magi who hunt and destroy monsters, Herakles and William, but generally Didyma could be played as fairly insular. A few moderate adjustments to you storyline, and you'll have a powerful neighbor as foil, ally, or background.

Your covenant is also near Alexandria, and many of the Theban covenants are practically stacked up next to each other. Being on Samos should be sufficiently separate, I think; the sea is both a road and a wall.

The player magi entered a regio.

Didyma is actually in a regio, and the magi approached from the wrong way.

The Samos magi got lost.

Or ignore Didyma. That's pretty easy.

Or move Didyma and rename it. I don't know where, but that shouldn't be too hard.