Thymos Ex Miscellanea

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Regarding Sanguine Humor’s Blessing I was imagining something like this. Basically the feeling is “I wish to free myself from this” so bonus are for avoiding/hampering others plans. Might be a little vague I am not sure. What do you guys think?

Flaw Bonus
Plagued by Supernatural Entity Rolls to escape or restrain

It seems compatible/similar in comparison to the entry for the enemies flaw- I think it works

Thymos Ex Miscellanea WIP




Voting Sigil:


Mental Score Physical Score
Int 3 Str 0
Per +2 Sta 2
Pre 0 Dex -2
Com -2 Qic 1

Size: 0

Age: 24, Height: ??? cm, Weight: ?? kg, Gender: Male

Decrepitude: 0

Warping Score: 0 (0)

Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws:

Virtues Level Type Points Notes
The Gift Free Hermetic 0
Hermetic Magus Free hermetic 0
Sanguine Humor’s Blessing Free Supernatural 0
Orphic Magic Free Hermetic 0
Mercurian Magic Major Hermetic 3
Minor Magical Focus: Wards Minor Hermetic 1
Mastered Spells Minor General 1
Convoluted Mind Minor Hermetic 1
Arcane Lore Minor Hermetic 1
Puissant Vim Minor Hermetic 1
Inspirational Minor General 1
Life boost Minor Hermetic 1
Total 10
Necessary Condition (True Feeling) Free Hermetic 0
Plagued by Supernatural Entity Major Story 3
Infamous Master (Venatores) Minor Hermetic 1
Compassionate Major Personality 3
Prohibition Minor Personality 1 Consumption of alcohol
Unbearable to Infernal Minor General 1
Weak Enchanter Minor General 1
Total 10

Personality Traits: Passionate +2, Empathetic +3, Temperamental +1

Reputations: Venatores -3 (Hermetic), Annoyance -3 (Infernal)



Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)


Ability Specialization Score Exp Notes
Brawl Dodgning 2 15
Guile Pleading innocent 2 15
Neapolitan Pugliese 5 0 Native Language
Stealth Hiding 2 15
Concentration Spells 2 15
Infernal Lore Demons 3 30
Intrigue discovering plots 2 15
Etiquette Magi 1 5
Folk Ken Magi 1 5
Awareness Alertness 1 5
Latin Hermetic Usage 4 50
Magic Theory Vim 3 30
Artes Liberales Ceremonial magic 2 15
Philosophiae Ceremonial magic 1 5
The Cult of Orpheus Lore initiating others 1 5
Order of Hermes Lore Venatores 1 5
Roman Tribunal Lore Personalities 1 5
Theology Canon demons 1 5
Penetration Vim 2 15
Dominion Lore Angels 1 5
Magic Lore Magical traditions 1 5
Code of Hermes Deals with devils 1 5


Tech Score Exp Form Score Exp Form Score Exp
Creo 5 15 Animal 0 0 Ignem 0 0
Intellego 5 15 Aquam 0 0 Imaginem 0 0
Muto 5 15 Auram 0 0 Mentem 0 0
Perdo 5 15 Copus 2 3 Terram 0 0
Rego 6 21 Herbam 0 0 Vim 8+3 36

Twilight Scars: None.




Name Arts Level Mastery Exp Notes
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi 20 Penetration, Fast Casting, Adaptive Casting 30
Circular Ward Against Demons ReVi 20 Penetration, Ceremonial Casting 15 Focus
Aegis of the Hearth ​ ReVi 25 Penetration 5
The Invisible Eye Revealed ​ InVi 20 --- ---
Bind the Devil’s Hands ​ PeVi 25 --- ---
The Wound that Weeps​ PeCo 15 --- ---
​Wizard's Vigil MuVi 25 --- ---

I don't know if these are the spells you plan to take, or just placeholders, but some of them are beyond your reach.

Just from the sheet I stole formating from. They have also been fixed now.

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Born in the Puglia region of southern Italy. Thymos – christened Tammaro Ferrantino – was born in the prospering city of Bari. Thymos was the son of a merchant, and his childhood was filled with the usual ostracism and grief a Gifted child might experience.

Thymos would be discovered by his paret Pius quite early, too early to start the proper apprenticeship even. Though Pius did not let this time pass idly. Pius had made the enemy of a certain group of diabolists. Later in his career he had joined the Venatores and now he sought to mould the young Thymos into a promising member of the same group. Teaching him about the Infernal Realm and how the despicable creatures operate and how to best them. Thymos was brought along on Pius missions, which would have the effect of Thymos making the enemy of a certain devil. This unfortunate relation and feelings bearing from it would be what the root of Thymos’ powers as he finally began his proper apprenticeship in 1185.

Joining the Cult of Orpheus and becoming attuned to the tradition’s worldview, myths and beliefs shaped Thymos during the long years of his apprenticeship. During the time between demon hunting and pursuing diabolists Pius would teach Thymos about the tradition and its members. Thymos would gradually form the opinion that some of the project other magoi were performing were immensely dangerous. This talk about bringing back the dead – like Orpheus attempted to do – would surely only bring more demons into this world. Orpheus himself wasn’t successful after all.

Pius unfortunately has a bad reputation within the Roman Tribunal. Members of Magvillus had pressed charges for endangering the Order with his Venatores activity. None of the sever charges were ever proven or stuck, but the poor reputation remained. Due to a poor understanding of the Venatores’ ways much of the Tribunal assumed that Thymos – after passing his gauntlet in 1200 – was already a member of this loosely organized group. However, Thymos has yet to undertake his advanced apprenticeship and not been initiated into the groups more advance powers. Being identified as a member of the group is rarely beneficial, but it did lead to the initial contact between Thymos and his future covenant mates.

Updated the sheet slightly...


A long and lanky young man. Thymos doesnt have a particularly handsom face. His brown hair, patchy facial hair and small eyes leaves much to desire. However Thymos' teeth are very bright and straight. Perhaps to make up for the rest of Thymos's face, his mouth is very expressive and he likes to flash his teeth whenever possible.

Thymos usually dresses in a simple tunic, resembling a black habit worn by monks. In a belt a few pouches, a large crucifix and a brooch depicting a lyre.

Thymos' spells are accompanied by the sounds of a disharmonious strum of a lyre. The sound is unpleasant and can be quite loud and long with high magnitude spells.

Voting Sigil:
A silver miniature lyre with a few pieces of red corral worked into it.