Time change from daylight savings

Any plans to update the time? It's throwing me off now and again.

Huh ... I never realized before that it needed to be done manually. I've fixed it, but you'll probably need to remind me again in the spring.

I'd be surprised if there were not (somewhere) an Admin option for that to happen automagically - after all, it's not used everywhere, but some countries/sites would rely on it.

(Otoh, far from every user is in North America - makes me wonder what % of users don't use DST, and it would then throw them off? If you apply it, I'd post a board-wide notice, one way or the other, mebbe?)

It's a mod to automate it ... and it looks REALLY complicated. :frowning: I'd rather not pile mods on unless they're really necessary, like the RSS feeds!

It appears we're still posting in DST. I've almost become used to it...so no major worries...

Maybe it takes a while? I did indeed change it. shrug

There is not.

The admin setting just sets the default for new users. All registered users have to adjust the setting manually themselves in their profile settings - keep in mind there are people not affected by DST at all, so making this change apply to all users wouldn't actually make sense software-wise.

Unholy threadmancy. I need to unsubscribe this thread... :laughing:

I get it now. Everybody changes it for themselves.