Time to Clear Fouled Gun

According to the Guns In The Campaign rules, it requires one full hour to clean a gun after it has become fouled.

When using Improvised Shot, if you misfire your gun it is automatically fouled and cannot be fired again until you spend one full turn cleaning it.

Are these durations correct? It just seems odd that it would take substantially less time to clear a gun fouled with gods knows what than one just fouled from overuse.

Just a guess on my part, but it seems that improvised shot would leave the barrel in need of a good cleaning (but nothing else) whereas a misfire could actually cause the weapon some damage that would need to be repaired. Also, the bulet could still be in the barrel, requiring a lot of patient drilling and scrapping. If the weapon was a wheellock, then the very delicate mechanism with all of its gears and springs could be busted... but that would take more than just an hout to fix, assuming you have the tools parts and skills needed.

Ive tried that but i fail to throw the block on the other button

Whats your time on the other 4 rooms?