Time to find a new Project: Redcap leader

Hi all,

I've been running Project: Redcap since 2005. I never thought the time would come, but after 27 years of playing Ars Magica, I am starting to feel my involvement with the game and with the community is winding down. I have founded my own game company, Shewstone Publishing. Between that and my ongoing D&D games, I don't think I have the mind share to continue to provide Project: Redcap with real leadership.

So here's the deal I offer. I will continue to pay the small costs for the Redcap.org domain and hosting services indefinitely, as a small way of giving back to the game and the community that has given me so much for so long. I will continue to do the technical work of being the administrator for the Redcap wiki if need be. I'm looking for someone to take over as content director, to take charge of continuing to build Project: Redcap into the community resource it could be.

The Ars Magica community has changed a lot since I took over Project: Redcap. It's grown larger and stronger. This forum has risen to the forefront as the beating heart of the Ars community, and Project: Redcap has become something else. I see it as a storehouse of the wisdom of the community, but how I see it doesn't matter. What matters is how you, the community, see it and use it. The time has come for Project: Redcap to have a new maintainer who can grow it in new directions.

I think there should be just one leader for Project: Redcap, but a leader is nothing without the support and assistance of workers. We currently have more active contributors than ever. I hope the community will direct its energy and its goodwill to supporting that new leader and pitching in to help Project: Redcap continue to thrive.


-Andrew Gronosky

I have one volunteer and one person who expressed interest.

If you'd like to be considered as successor to Head Redcap, please PM or email me by Monday, September 5.