Timeline of Events

This thread will note things of importance that happen across the years.

[size=150]The following events happen in 1220:[/size]

  • Pope Honorius III allows Henry III of England to be crowned a second time. Henry III is 12 years old.

  • Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire is crowned.

[size=150]The following events happen in 1221:[/size]

  • King James I of Aragon is married to Eleanor of Castile.

  • Republic of Venice signs a trade treaty with the Mongol Empire.

  • Hibernia, Iberian, Levant, Novgorod, Provencal, Rhine, Roman, and Theban Tribunals hold their meetings

  • The underwater Atlanteans issue the residents of New Atlantis an ultimatum to leave or suffer retribution.

  • Proximios of House Mercere elected Archon of the Thebes Tribunal.