To make a regio boundary more difficult to cross, Re or Mu?

Quick question.

To make a regio boundary more difficult to cross, Re or Mu?

Re-read the core book guidelines and not much help there. Is there a book that has the effect?


Strictly speaking I think yr options for this kind of effect are limited to wards(ward against the curious scullion etc.) But maybe someone else is cleverer that me.

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It depends greatly on how you intend to make them more difficult to cross. generally there is a perception roll required to notice how to cross the boundary if supernatural senses are being used to detect the boundary, otherwise simply finding that it exists is normally the greatest barrier, but the boundaries don't generally have any sort of roll required to physically cross the boundary. If the boundary is geographically constrained a ReCo ward can of course change this, but there is no universal method because there is no universal boundary.

It depends. Are you trying to affect the regio boundary with hermetic magic? If you are, non-mystery guidelines can't affect regios and regio boundaries themselves. TMRE has guidelines to expand of shrink regios, and to connect regio levels with one another. Legends of Hermes has aura suppression that aren't core to hermetic magic - must be rediscovered. Some creatures with Might (spirits, faeries, etc.) can restrict entrance to their regio which is what you want to do - this is non-hermetic.

There may be hermetic methods that do this indirectly. An example would be using Perdo Vim in an area with a duration to prevent spells such as Piercing the Magic Veil from being used. There may be other tricks that apply - indirect methods such as Shrouded Glen, imaginem effects to make the area where the entrance is found hard to perceive, or even the good old block off the path to the entrance using Herbam and Terram, for example. There may be hedge / non-magic traditions that do this more directly than hermetic magic may. Globally, trying to affect regios and auras (beyond detection) is outside the scope of normal hermetic magic.


There is a canon example using a ward in Mythic Location. Admittedly, the ward is not Hermetic, but I see no reason why Hermetic magic could not be used. Wards is of course Rego.

I agree with those who say that directly affecting the boundary is beyond Hermetic magic, but I am sure that's a limit which could be pushed. If so, I guess Muto is most appropriate; Rego would affect the entrant though.

There are many indirect means that might work, depending on the nature of the entrance. Illusions preventing detection of the entrance might work. Physically burying the entrance under a pile of rock might work.


Which one is that?

Devil's Lane

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Minor Hermetic Breakthrough - Hardening The Mystical Boundary MuVi40
R: Touch, D:Sun, T: Ind
Supernatural effects that are of the level of this effect +10 or less are not allowed to cross the boundary of the regio. As such, scrying effects of level 30 or less that would look into or from the regio, fail.

So to affect the boundary itself, it would require something like that?


It is in the nature of breakthroughs that they are YSMV territory.

I would tend to be liberal about allowing breakthroughs. They take long enough to achieve that if they end up breaking the game, it is probably time to wrap it up anyway, and try something else.

But one point to consider. Aegis of the Hearth was a major breakthrough. I don't think this is any easier.

You really think that putting up a wall where a wall already is to be of the same challenge as bringing about universal magic resistance?


Yes. The creator is free to do what he wants in his own way. The modifier has to comprehend what is in order to change it into what ought to be. That makes it harder. The fact that regione behave in widely different ways makes this challenge very real.

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