to understand : requisites

(sorry for my english, i'm french native talker)

Hi everybody,

I'm a new player in Ars Magica and i like this game!

But, i have some hard times to understand the requisites system:

  1. does a requisite ALWAYS have to shift the form/technique for the lowest of the two (or more) form/technique used by the spell?

  2. Wat is the thing with "if the spell could do something without the requisite : +0 magnitudes, if the spell could do something, but significative lesser, +1 magnitude"? Does it mean that, in addition with the point 1) above, i add 1 magnitude at my spell?

  3. For a power (example, power due to the mythic blood virtue), does the requisite enters in count, or not?

I thank you for your answers, and have fun with ArM!

Yes, your magus is limited by the art that they know the least abaout

This is a consideration about soell design.

If you have a Muto Terram (animal) spell that changes a sword into a dove there is no level increase from the requisite. The effect requires both terram and animal to function.

If you have a Muto Terram (animal, herbam) spell that changes a sword or a club into a dove there is an additional 1 magnitude (typically 5 level) increase in spell level for using a requisite.

This has to do with what the level of the spell that you are casting is. It has nothing to do with calculating casting totals (where you would use the lowest applicable technique or form).

You'd design the power in the same way that you'd design a spell so a power with a non-essential requisite would be of a higher level.