ToP: It's Ezzelino, not EzzAlino!

I recently browsed through Tales of Power, and in particular the Gathering Storm, to look for something unrelated.
Alas! I found the author (Mark Lawford) mispelled the name of Ezzelino da Romano all over the place. Tsk! Shame on you!

I am both shamed and ashamed. I throw myself upon your infinite mercy.

Obviously, this need a SubRosa article for further clarification...

You know you've been on Facebook too long when you immediately start looking for the "Like" button on a forum post.


I'd just like to say that the fact that the first response is an author joining in on the light-hearted criticism of himself is one of the best examples of this community's awesomeness I've seen.

[strike]Hey, I'm just that kind of guy.[/strike]

I mean... It's that kind of community.