Toronto FS gamers?

Is anyone in the Toronto (Ontario) area interested in starting up a game?

I'd be interested in a general Secret War game... something set solely in 69 AD with various monsters and undying villains might be interesting too. Or modern day police (a la Friends of the Dragon)... Well, anything, really!

I'm up in Peterborough, and may have some time this spring (late May) to get something going. I generally GM, but can play too. I'd either go a Secret War campaign, starting in the modern era, or I should be ready to go soon with my Pulp Shui/Crimson Skies/Gear Krieg/Hard Vacuum 1937 setting.

Tonight I'm actually finishing getting some photocopies of lost or never-were buildings for Pulp Toronto, including some that were torn (or burnt) down before 1937 but will still be there in my PS world. The Eatons' had a plan for a superbuilding at Yonge and College (about 1/6 of it was actually built) that is one of my favourite buildings that never was. It has a perfect tower for a zeppelin mooring mast...


Someone else who knows/has Hard Vacuum!? :slight_smile: Cool.

Peterborough is kind of far (without a car), though.

Yes, I've had HV and Science Gone Mad for a while now, never played it enough. Plan is to have CS and GK (ground) as vehicle combat systems, then switch to Luft Krieg once the CS aircraft get too obsolete, then bring in HV to finish WWII off with.

It would be a bit of a hike to Peterborough without a car... I'll post on here when I get things moving, anyways.