touch spells, unwilling target

Hmmm, I couldn't locate the RAW answer to this one: are there rules that state how one can affect an unwilling target with a touch range spell? Can one make a melee attack in the same round as casting? That would be with a concentration roll for the casting, but any more penalty to the unarmed attack roll?

What about an enchanted, handheld item (sword) that casts a corpus spell on a forcefully hit target? Could one just roll attack as for a normal armed attack?

As I understand it, and the combat rules are squirrelly, you cast the touch spell and at that time make a "melee attack". That is, you use the melee attack rules, and if your attack beats their defense, you've touched them. No extra melee damage is done, because it was not a melee attack, just using that mechanism.

Well, technically you can use a punch melee attack to deliever it or weapon melee attack if your talisman is a weapon.

True, LadyPhoenix, but I think that would require Fastcasting the spell. I missed the enchanted sword the first reading, it would be a normal attack roll, unless it had some weird trigger.

Not any enchanted sword, Talisman. Your talisman is part of you and considered an extention of your reach and touch.

I have been toying with a mage with magical sword with touch effects in it. The trigger is drawing blood.

Yes, but the original post talked about an enchanted sword with an intrinsic creo spell in it. That doesn't need to be a talisman.

Yeah, the sword could easily have a trigger if the blade touches flesh or if it contacts something forcefully.

Thank you for the answers.
Yes, my plan is a sword enchanted with a wounding perdo corpus effect, trigger to be hit hard by the sword.

Further question: would you allow a touch corpus spell to act through clothes/armor, or would you absolutely require touching the flesh directly?

I think that touch is touch so as long as you hit (your attack beats their defense) whether or not you get armor or flesh.