Touched by [Realm] and Requisites

C&G, 72-73. This Virtue lets craftsmen make supernatural items covered by two Forms. Do requisites apply? This is not explicit; there is one example of an item that is MuCo(An), but no statement as to whether the creator has Animal and Corpus as the two Forms.

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Do craftsmen with Touched by [Realm] need to have access to both Forms in order to create an effect with a requisite?

  • Yes
  • No
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It makes more sense for me that they do, even if it means that effects that require more than two Forms, will be something they cannot do at all.

I think it would depend on whether the second form would expand the capabilities of the guideline or not- essentially if the requisite added magnitude levels it would not be possible but otherwise it would.

One crucial thing to keep in mind is that two picks of the Minor Virtue Mythic (Professional) allow any grog to work as if Touched, albeit within a single Craft. That was ultimately what led us to go for "yes" in our troupe.

There is also nothing preventing a suitable character from having multiple selections of the Touched virtue to open up additional Forms. Two Forms base is non-casual. I don't see a need for such an "artificer" to ignore Requisites.

And the potential for abusing ignored Requisites I see as high, especially if it ignores the increases in Magnitude. If you allow Requisites to be ignored, expect people to design complicated things that actually have multiple effects nested via ignored Requisites.

The most basic example of this is Elementalist ignoring Requisites for other Elemental Forms. When you sit down to design a spell using this virtue, how many of us are tempted then to add the other three elements to every spell just because we can and don't have to pay for it? If this virtue explicitly ignores Requisites it will lead to similar issues in design and use.

I dislike the restriction of the items only working for the one person they were made for however. That part annoys me and just seems to reduce the playability/utility of using the virtue in game.

Huh? You still have to pay any extra magnitudes for it. You just don't get your Casting Total potentially reduced. As a result, having more requisites added in to do stuff generally makes things noticeably harder, even when you have Elemental Magic.

I think a lot of this question comes into individual troupe play styles. For example if turning water into wine is MuAq(He) then it makes a lot more sense for a potter to be allowed to not have the prerequisite required than it would for a troupe where turning water into wine is simply a MuAq spell.

I have now found examples both with and without requisites. Since there are multiple going each direction, errata (yup, plural) are needed regardless of the final decision.

Given this virtue is the backbone to hedge Bards (tCI p 115) we have played this out a fair bit. So yes it comes down to playing style. With wonderous tales we tend to be a little loose as long as it’s not a critical element to the storyline. If the prerequisite is just a minor aspect, we let it slide, but if it’s adding a magnitude then, yes the Bard in this case has to know the other form. This does facilitate specialization from bardic schools on form types, with pairs like Co/An, Me/Im etc.

Crafted items are more restricted, having to know the forms in question. This was because it was seen as less of a magic tradition.

For wonderous item creation we started with limiting its use to the person created for, and then moved onto a bloodline application as it suited the society culture.

It looks like the voting is strongly in favour of requisites being required.

So, @callen, what are the needed errata? Apart from a note in C&G to clarify, of course.

Only one to be changed:
BS&S p.114: Hyena Pelt needs an Animal requisite.

These others already have requisites, in case people are looking:
BS&S p.114: Jar of Potable Water and Boots of the Tahr.
TCI p.117: The Chariot of ManAnnán mac lir and Blrrmm, Blrrmm

That's nice. Thank you.

Grogs p76 Mythic Farrier may need mention of requisites. Since it's a minor version, allowing only one Form, it's relavant to know you can't do effects with requisites. On the other hand it says you're allowed to take it twice, taking either a secind ability tio craft with or another Form. In the latter case requisites may becone relevant.

I think errata'ing the referenced location is enough. Probably.

That sounds reasonable. Mythic Farrier does refer to C&G