Tracking age for covenfolk

Are there any shortcuts to help track all aging for the mundane covenfolk? Obviously My players don't want to track every single one. Any suggestions?

Grog training packages from the GROGS book help. In my saga, most Grogs go untracked until we need them, or I, the Narrator, decide to update one for a story I am running. It's important to note the last time the Grog was updated, so you know how much XP you need to add to bring the Grog up to date.

I also have a magus serving in the position of Defender of the Covenant, and that person's OOC job is updating all the Grogs once every 3 years. When the player does this, they just slap on one of the 3-year training packages from GROGS. Another magus supervises the crafting at the covenant, so that player updates all the craftsmen. Between division of labor and benign neglect, we get by.

I concur. GROGS also has some simplified rules for aging effects IIRC. Hevn't really used them.
Im my saga we all have a bunch of grogs, and when they are needed or some just realized a grog is hideously out of date we use training packages. And if somebody wants to micromanage a grog they jsut do that.
The saga has not run logn enough for aging to be a real problem, well for grogs anyway. A single grog and companion were both old when we started and both have Longevity rituals.

By 'somebody', he means me I think :wink:

Personally I micromanage grogs en masse...