Training Forge Companions

Right, I was reading the rules about Teaching earlier, and some of the text about Training caught me as ... interesting. :wink:

Right, does this that while a Magus is working in his lab, say making some magickal items, can train his respective Appretices or Forge Companions in either a craft ability or magickal theory? That is a Verditius using (Craft)Woodcrafting in making the item, and his forge companion is helping out with that, then at the end of the season the work will be done and the forge companion will get [Master's Ability Score + 3] in exp? and the magus will get the normal 2 exposure exp?

Well, the Verditius isn't really earning a living with the skill. They're performing magical processes. An argument could be made that earning a living with an ability involves much more repeating of tasks than performing magic and therefore training is not appropriate for apprentices and forge companions.

But I'd allow it in my game for some abilities.