Transforming Mythic Europe TOC posted

I'd be somewhat surprised

Still waiting on Amazon to send it too me.

I've yet to receive confirmation of shipping, but with any luck I shall soon.

Any? No. There is some there. For the most part, it is a set of grand sweeping changes to Mythic Europe that you could follow in your sagas in one way or another, or simply mine them for the ideas and story seeds that these books are traditionally full of.

In my opinion we haven't had any serious crunch since Cradle and the Crescent.
Here's what we've had since then:

Hermetic Projects
Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal
Tales of Power
The Contested Isle: The Hibernian Tribunal
Transforming Mythic Europe

There was a moderate amount in Against the Dark and the contested isle in the form of exotic traditions. The Grogs stuff was just the mechanics from the core book with some of the bookkeeping done for you.

I finally got around to picking up my copy today. I mention this because no one else has posted that they have purchased a copy retail. I gather that the authors should now feel free to talk about the finished product.

I can also field questions about the contents.

Well, my bit is pretty crunchless. It uses vanilla Hermetic magic in new ways, but not with new base effect guidelines. That is, it mainly points out that if you can make a big enough wall, and make it thick enough, you can actually make an island, then it does some of the volumetric calculations for you so that yoiu don't need to work out the volume of a pyramidial fustrum if you don't want to.

The thing is: making an island is really easy for Hermetic magi. Dealing with the consequences is the tricky bit. The consequences make up most of the rest of the chapter.

I havent read all of those in details, but Antagonists contains nice story seeds and ideas for bigger campaigns. I think Tales of power (and in a lesser degree, Hermetic Projects) has the same purpose.

Can't wait to see this book appear on the network. has too many shippings costs, and taxes at delivery, and my local store do not sell ars books anymore.

I thought Antagonists was very crunchy... It felt crunchy writing my bit.

I think he meant new crunch.
There was plenty of applied crunch in several of the mentioned publications.

Exactly. There was little in the way of new systems in these books, there were plenty of spell levels and soak scores to be computed using the existing stuff. Seeing as the line is now thirty four books (counting the core book and Fallen Fane but not Semita Erribunda) that's almost certainly a good thing. I didn't mean to sound unhappy.

I snagged my (PT) copy yesterday too.

Last word in the "Inanis" box (pg 136) is "Pollution"...

My copy arrived today. I eagerly skimmed through and overall I was impressed by the soundness of the ideas.

I particularly liked the magical island idea. While I don't think it will directly apply to the game I am running it inspired a lot of ideas for the next character I play. The ways of creating magical canals and roman type paved roads was clever.

What will apply to my game is the discussions of magically duplicating books.

The only bit I was not entirely convinced of was the idea that the spell Hermes Portal does not cause warping on people using it to travel. Is there a discussion any where that might shine some light on this idea?

I look forward to reading the book I greater detail.

I believe the fact the Hermes Portal does not warp is in fact a side effect of it's non-hermetic nature. Much like the Aegis of the Hearth, and Parma Magica do not warp.

I believe Hermes Portal isn't causing warping since it isn't affecting the people, it's affecting the "earth", connecting two parts of it. That's a non-Hermetic effect, but still. The more straightforward ReCo teleportation would warp, and would need requisites for different Forms. Likewise, the Aegis of the Hearth doesn't affect Corpus or Mentem, so it doesn't warp those targets in the area it is operating on.

For the aegis, it affects you since your casting total should be divided by two if you hadn't been given the token. Thus the aegis is affecting you, but because you have the token, you are not bothered. Does it give warping? see later..

For the more general question about warping, I think it's one of the thing the troupe has to decide by themselves.

Does a CrIg 45 (Target : fire) spell cast on you (target : you) give you warping? My troupe would say sometimes yes, sometimes no. I personally like the no but sometimes, it's easy to answer yes.
Does a CrCo(Me) (higher than 30) artificial being hitting you give you warping? I personally would say no.

As for the aegis, we just decided that : no. Major breakthrough not fully integrated or "doesn't affect you", pick your reason.

I hope I have been helpful.

It's affecting the magic the caster wields, not the caster directly. And, it doesn't divide casting total by two, it subtracts half the Aegis level from the casting total.

The Aegis has been stated that it does not cause warping, period. As to the reasons why it might not (in Hermetic terms) is speculation only, and is strictly in the domain of the saga to use, and it might be used as a beginning point of research into the Limit of Warping.

Warping is a complex topic. I don't think recipients of the Ball of Abysmal Flame should be affected by warping, (the Target is the Fire, after all), but Corpus and Mentem spells should cause warping, unless the spell is specifically designed for the recipient.

So perdo corpus which debilitates them for a year and warps them? Sure it takes vim to cast...

If it's greater than or equal to 30th level, yes.

But vim to cast? Did you mean vis? And why does a PeCo spell require vis?

It lasts for a year. Makes it a ritual.