Trasforming into a magic character ... and back

There are several ways a human character may transform into a being of Magic (i.e. with a Might Score). RoP:M also tells us that it is possible for such a character to "go back" to human, e.g. through Acclimation (or by losing the Transformed Human Virtue).

My question is: what happens to Warping when the character goes back to "normal" human? Does he (re)gain the Warping points gained before the transformation into a Magic being?

I would say there is no clear answer on this. For example, if you gained the Transformed Human virtue via something like the Drowned Man process, you'd probably end up dead since you were dead before gaining the Magic Might. But you certainly don't necessarily die upon losing Magic Might. However, in the case of Acclimation, you will have lost all your other Magic Realm stuff, too, except perhaps virtues. The idea is that your link with the Magic Realm has been totally severed. There also seems to be a problem with things that never had Warping prior to this, but something that's been part of the Magic Realm for a thousand years ought to be more warped that something that had a tiny bit of warping and was just in the realm for a year or so. It seems like this would require heavy troupe discussion at the time of the event; that way it cannot be used to cheat warping while remaining human.