Travel in the Magic Realm

Can there be travel without boundaries/vestiges and how is it done? Is there such thing as an area in the Magic Realm that doesn't have a Boundary?

You mean, travel between cosms, insulae, or tempora? Certainly, assuming the rules of the Magic Realm work in your saga the way I envisioned them. You can travel around just like you do in Mythic Europe, walking from one to another. They don't all necessarily connect, but many of them can. You can also use magic or powers to teleport yourself around the same way you would outside of the Magic Realm.

Also, you can use Magic Realm Magic to move through the Twilight Void. Hermetic magic needs a breakthrough to figure that out, but Magic powers can do them. Any of the methods characters have for winding up in the Magic Realm (other beings' powers, magical accidents) can move them around in it, too.

Yes. Well, they have a Boundary level of 0, and thus can't be reached from other boundaries. The only ways to get there is by physically traveling there from an adjacent area, or using magic combined with an Arcane Connection.

Perdo magic can reduce an area's Boundary rating, so you can stake out an area and make it nearly impossible to get to you there.

Thanks, that clarifies it nicely. I wasn't sure whether or not all locations in the Magic Realm were completely physically surrounded by Boundaries or not, mostly, though I can see where it says now that you can travel normally. I evidently misinterpreted boundaries as completely demarcating zones.

What situations would someone generally PREFER boundary or vestige travel, aside from when your start point is a very high Boundary/Vestige? Is there such thing as a place totally closed off from anything other than such? (or Arcane Connection teleportation.)
I presume a ferryman with the magic power for guiding one through would probably be able to do it well...

Well, there could be places that aren't connected to other places very well. For example, suppose you come upon an endless tunnel where the end connects to the beginning. There's no easy way to leave, so traveling through the Void is really the only choice.

The special properties of the Void might make travel there preferable to some characters. For example, a Criamon with high Enigmatic Wisdom is going to do very well there. Since the Void changes the way characters perceive the Realm, (like they only see Animal things in the Animal Province), characters might want to step into the Void to see what the place looks like through these sort of mystic filters. And there are probably more powerful beings living in the Void than in the Realm, which may be what you're looking for.

There certainly could be. A cosm of the inside of an acorn, for instance, might be completely cut off from anything else, unless you go out through the vestiges of future (or past) oak trees.

If you're inside a cosm, say for the acorn mentioned here, and someone on the outside steps on this acorn or a squirrel starts eating it, what happens to the cosm? Or even if someone picks it up and throws it in a lake? How will this affect everything inside the cosm?


I don't know. It depends, do cosms change when Mythic Europe changes, or vice-versa? There's a connection between them, so something might very well happen. It's interesting if the Magic Realm is an alternate means of affecting the acorn's situation.

I'd have the cosm change slowly over time, if it does change at all. If it is eaten or crushed, it might become associated with the animal that ate it, and elongate with an exit to somewhere else. It could begin to fill up with a vestige of water. All this would probably take at least a season before you really noticed it, though.