tree stride

effect you go into one tree & out of another about 1-30 lueges away from you starting point
tell me what you think of this spell please. 8)

There is no such range as "Journey". No more needs to be said. Your spell is broken.

o.k then how about this for range-far!

Ok, that's about 100 paces, meaning that you can cast the spell on someone within 100 paces of you, Not what you want.

Read the ranges on page 103.
See also "The Seven-League Stride" on page 129, and the ReCo guidelines on page 128.

And why is it a Rego Vim spell?

As crappy as usual. Hey, you asked.

The idea is rather interesting, especially as it can be used much the same way for Terram, Ignem and Aquam. Here's a suggestion:

[size=117]Heartwood Gate [/size]Level 35
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind
Req: Muto, Intellego
This spell opens an intangible tunnel from one tree the caster touches to another tree he specifies, these trees then split open to allow entry. If the Magus is exceptionally large, of small, the trees he can use decrease or increase respectively. This because the trees must be large enough to allow the Magus to squeeze through the narrow crack that appears in the trunk. After the Magus has entered, the crack closes like it was ne'er there. Other people can be sent through the crack before the Magus.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +2 Size, +2 Intellego and Muto Requisites)

I'm not entirely certain about the Base Level, but I think a 5 should be enough (possibly 10).

Both Range and Duration is of no particular importance and can be changed easily.

Size because +2 would be a large tree, and anything smaller jsut wouldn't be big enough I think. A smaller Magus could possibly use +1 Size.

Both of the requisites are questionable, but the way I thought it out, the Intellego is needed to find the "exit tree" while Muto would be needed for the change itself. Of course, as it is a Rego effect already, I wonder if it's really needed...

I used vim because I couldn't think of a better teqnuiqe for teleportation purposes. :blush:

Well, there are teleportation spells in the book. I suggest you re-read the spell section carefully.

Try ArM5 pg. 134: the Rego Corpus guidelines, and ArM5 pg. 135: the spells Seven-League Stride and The Leap of Homecoming. Then finally check ArM5 pg. 156: The Ritualistic Spell Hermes' Portal.