Tremere duties and resources

Something came up in a game last night, and I don't have a copy of True Lineages to comb thru. In the book, under the Tremere section, there are new rules for what a Tremere can be called upon to do, and what resources the Tremere are allowed to draw upon.

My new Tremere pulled a "loan of 4 pawns of vis" as indicated in the rules.

But what are the terms of the loan? Is it understood that I'm serving the house with this loan, and that I simply must return the loan of 4, or do I need to return the 4 with interest?

Obviously my SG and I can work out terms, but I'm wondering if anyone off-hand knows what the rules say.

From what I read, Tremere magi are obligated to serve the House at least one season per year. It is in exchange for this willing subordination to the House that magi are accorded aid (to greater or lesser degrees depending on seniority).

HoH:TL (page 118)

Hope that helps

I don't recall any 'interest' on the loan, simply a requirement that it be paid back. Which is, I think, in line with medieval Christian thought anyway; to actually charge interest on a loan is usury or something.

There is no interest, except your time and dedication to the cause. That is, you get benefits like this in exchange for spending a season a year on house business.